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May need to consider ill health retirement any advice

benno Community member Posts: 25 Connected
Shorter version, I have become more unwell since January 2021 when contracting severe Covid-19.  I was hospitalised but found this a bad experience due to pressure on NHS to discharge.  I was meant to have follow up but this did not happen straight away and my GP had to access the Rapid Response team to put in care package.  This was linked to existing conditions of depression, gout and osteoarthritis, which had been exacerbated so was pretty much bed-bound for several weeks but was off for three months.  My wellbeing improved to the point I felt able to return to work on a slow phased return as still had symptoms of fatigue and breathlessness and mobility was limited.

I pushed myself to get back to full time over next few months but then relapsed after getting the second vaccination in Nov 2021.  I was lucky to have some input from SALT, long covid clinic and counselling but still had some abdominal issues/suspected diverticulitis and blood tests showing some irregularities.  I then had another four months off.  My work were supportive but I felt I needed to find a less stressful job (MH Social Worker/AMHP). So applied to do some lecturing as been a teacher previously. During this time further investigations/follow ups where going on.  I did get a new job which started in Sept 2022 and again had got myself back to working full time but was still getting quite fatigued so pretty much crashing out after work even in the new job, which I thought would be less demanding.  

I was asked to go for a fibroscan in October and then endoscopy with follow up with hepatology a few days ago.  My mental health throughout the last few years has been fragile, many losses and some stress about wellbeing and taking medication for depression due to past history of attempted suicide an low mood.  I now have a  compensated cirrhosis of the liver diagnosis which might have could also explain my problems with fatigue.  

I do feel that I cannot continue to push myself as have worked all my life pretty much and a good chance now that I will not even make pension age, I turned 60 this year. 
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