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Changes to shifts

Barticus Scope Member Posts: 3 Connected
Happy new year all
I have been working for this firm for the last 2 years 10 months and on a fixed shift for the last 2 years 4 months. Since my diagnosis of Parkinson's in July 22 and full confirmation in September. The shift is 6am to 14:30 on a 3 week rotation this means I have recovery time of 48 hrs in 2 of 3 weeks. It also means I can get all my medical appointments without losing pay. However without any notice or discussion they are changing everything making me work fully flex 8am to 10pm and splitting my days off up meaning I have reduced recovery time. This also means arrangements for appointments now will be unpaid or holiday pay as I only get my shift 2 weeks in advance making life more stressful. I will add the shift still exists and will for at least another year or two.
Any advice appreciated
Cheers Pete 


  • SueHeath
    SueHeath Community member Posts: 12,420 Disability Gamechanger
    Morning @Barticus i hope you are well this Sunday morning.
    Can I ask if you are self employed or totally employed by this firm. I ask this as firms should give notice of any change in contracts. By making your contracted hours flexi this is helping the firm put people to jobs on busy times, when i worked i did change a couple of staff members to this way of working, but with their consent. Have you spoken to your manager about your concerns,i have also noticed that you said they will give you two weeks notice of your working pattern, is that not giving you chance to make appointments ie; if you are on lates you will have mornings free and you will still have your day off.
  • Barticus
    Barticus Scope Member Posts: 3 Connected
    Fully employed the job has not changed just my shift even others who have no issues and less time served have been left on the shift. This is since I have been diagnosed when I first told them they asked what would suit my situation and agreed this shift pattern and the fact it is now no clear rota of days off and reduced recovery time and everyday can be a different pattern early late split there has been a complete lack of discussion I don't mind changing and flexing my time a little but my manager has said they it is not up for discussion. I was moved onto this shift as a change of job because I was good at what I do 
  • Fat_Jon
    Fat_Jon Community member Posts: 28 Connected
    Is this behaviour actually legal? (Changing shift patterns without consulting staff involved). Are you a union member? If so I would suggest speaking to your local union rep. 

    Do you have a written contract? If so, read it carefully as it may show what the management can and can't do without your approval. 

    It may just be my cynical nature, but I detect some form of subtle (but instantly deniable) form of discrimination by your management, especially as this happened after your diagnosis.

    It is very sad that the power in certain employment situations has swung so far in favour of the bosses; that they now think they can operate an "if you don't like it, there are plenty of others out there who will" attitude towards employment.  
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Community member Posts: 21,964 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome to the community 

    I would expect your contract has a clause about changing hours for business needs as and when required and notice period would be same length as your service 

    Contact acas for specific advice and read your contract 

    You cam request reasonable adjustments under the equality act and thus would deem a reasonable request if the shift still exists 
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