Project Leonardo, a new era for disabled gamers?

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Sony, makers of the games console Playstation have recently announced a new controller designed with disabled gamers in mind, which you can read more about in this BBC news article.

With the code name 'Project Leonardo', this new controller looks a bit like Leonardo Da Vinci's round tank, and it's not like any controller I've ever seen or used before. 
A Sony Interactive Entertainment official told BBC News it would work "out of the box" to help gamers play "more easily, more comfortably and for longer periods".

"We feel the breadth of hardware and software customisation options in Project Leonardo is unique and stands out from any other accessibility controller on the market today," the official said.

"Project Leonardo is a true passion project for our team. We've drawn on 28 years of design expertise at PlayStation to create a controller kit that we hope many players with disabilities will find useful."
The controller was designed in collaboration with several charities, including  US-based AbleGamers and UK-based SpecialEffect.

There's currently no release date or price, with rival Microsoft's Adaptive Controller selling for £74.99 in the UK, with extra buttons and joysticks costing more on top!

Over to you: 

How do you feel about this announcement, are you excited?

Are you worried about the cost of this adapted controller?

Do you think this announcement will help raise awareness of the need to make gaming a space for everyone?


  • L_Volunteer
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    Thanks for sharing this with us @Alex_Scope. Accessible gaming is super important.

    It does sound quite expensive but, hopefully, it will start competition which will, in turn, reduce the costs longer-term. 

    Let's hope! I will be interested in hearing other people's views too if anyone else wishes to share their thoughts and response <3
  • Alex_Alumni
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    Fingers crossed @L_Volunteer, the price of games and gaming consoles is already pretty high, which means it limits access financially too.

    I'm glad to see accessibility being thought about in collaboration with disabled people, and by one of the industry's biggest companies too, that's very positive :)