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Can anybody help with my issue?

rhyd Community member Posts: 5 Listener
This concerns historic allegations against a psychiatrist I had between the ages of  roughly 17-19, for reference I am Male. 

I am 37 now so 20 years have passed since I was first under his care. I have since learned of successful prosecutions against him for similar offences committed on young men in the same position as me. I’ll try and be concise with the details of my case and we can go from there. 

I was sectioned at the age of 17 and placed on an adult ward in a hospital near where I live, presumably by him. Although we haven’t spoken about that period for a long time I’m fairly sure my parents were convinced by the staff that being nearer would mean more regular visits. My mum passed away in 2008 and my fathers age and health condition means I simply cannot ask him.

On my first night there I was terrified for my life and the staff tried to restrain me. When I attempted to lash out I was pinned to the ground and injected in my buttocks. I ‘came to’ a very short while after being placed in a secluded room where I was injected again. I don’t have any memory of anything after that until about a week later when I woke up with a tube down my throat. 

As soon as I spoke to him after that I disliked him, he was obsessed with my sexuality and my experiences in that department. He would often make references to my appearance that made me feel uncomfortable. He regularly engaged in coercive practices such threatening to extend my section 2 or upgrade it to a section 3 if I didn’t cooperate fully or showed disdain towards him. I understand that I was a patient on a psychiatric ward but I have unfortunately been countless times since. The frequency and severity of how he did this was on a whole other level. 

I cannot say for certain if he did anything physical to me while I was unconscious but I am certain he had ample opportunity to due to his influence as leading and renowned psychiatrist working on the small ward. With the way wards were back then he would have been able to very easily. 

As I mentioned earlier he has been convicted of similar offences to the ones I am describing, and what I am thinking could have happened. I found out about his convictions about 6 months or so before my last admission to hospital. When the police took me to the ward, under a 136 section, where it had all happened, I was triggered and it sent my condition (bipolar affective disorder) into a further spiral and it all came out in a rage. The detectives who handled the case originally reached out to me a short while after my discharge but I was in no fit state to proceed. Additionally my cpn at the time of the incident had just been reassigned to my case and wanted to be in the room with me so I just did not feel comfortable to elaborate at all. 

If anyone could offer some advice that would be great, I volunteer at a high level in mental health now and I’m confident enough in the police and statutory bodies that should they investigate further no undue harm would come to me. I have reached out through my local force to try and find the detective I spoke to in 2017, or someone familiar with the case. I’m not sure at all what to expect. I do suffer with trauma from it and the 6 month stay overall. My relationship with male psychiatrists since have been poor so I have never actively sought therapy to discuss this.

I’m also so angry at being placed in that hospital and receiving the treatments that I did. I should have been on an adolescent ward, the nearest one was only 40 miles away, less than an hour by car. Aside from what could have and what did happen and the need I feel for me to come forward with this now, I wonder if there is any legitimate course of action regarding the health board or other responsible bodies regarding compensation for the two decades worth of damage it has caused.  

Hope this has explained enough and thank you so much if you have read this far. I will try my best to reply to comments but please be patient if you do need clarification. 



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