Hi, my name is Melanie65! UC and LCWRA query

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Hi can anyone help please, I was awarded lcwra on 19.1.2023.
My first fit note was 20.9.2022.
Does anyone know how much extra on my UC I will get please, also would I get any back pay 
And when I might start getting my extra money. Thanks so much I really appreciate your help. 


  • poppy123456
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    There's a full 3 month assessment period waiting time and the extra money is paid from the 4 month after you first reported your health condition. Providing you sent a fit note within 7 days of that and continued to send them without any gaps until a decision was made on your WCA. It's not paid at all during the waiting period.

    LCWRA is an extra £354.28/month, providing you're not claiming UC with a partner that already receives this element on your claim.

    Without knowing the dates of your assessment periods, or what date you usually receive your money each month it's not possible to tell you exactly when it's paid from.

    Based on the information you gave it would be either January or Feb 2023.
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    Hello @Melanie65

    Welcome to the community! :)

    I just wanted to let you know, I popped your post in our Universal Credit section of the forum, should you have any other queries. How are you today?