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Any suggestions

and15 Community member Posts: 73 Courageous
This time I'm asking as a parent,when my beautiful little girl was born all my so called friends disappeared as soon as asd became apparent.i love my daughter and she means the world to me but with her attachment issues it'd getting harder to maintain any kind of social interaction outside of home and work,any suggestions as I do feel very isolated now,thank you in advance


  • Hannah_Scope
    Hannah_Scope Posts: 7,316 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @and15

    Welcome to the community! :)

    I'm so sorry you feel so isolated. Do you have anyone to talk to or any support from a partner or family?

    How old is your daughter? I wonder if looking for any parental groups (if she is younger) in your area or any groups of interest to you both? like ice skating? It could be a starting point and then you interact with other people, she interacts with other kids, she makes friends, you make friends you can see outside of the kid(s) but it could slowly start to break that attachment? 

    I would also have a look at the Autistic Girls Network, they have lots of great resources. 
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  • and15
    and15 Community member Posts: 73 Courageous
    Hi hannah

    Thanks for your reply I have a 6 Yr old but she's looking physically partner is insular and has her own health issues and extended family don't understand my lg condition at all which is daughters social life is pretty good thankfully but as a parent it limited me considerably as I don't get any time alone due to her attachment issues
  • rebel11
    rebel11 Community member Posts: 1,636 Pioneering
    Maybe see if a carer is a viable option, so when you go out a carer looks after your daughter and gives you 'me time'. The carer can be introduced slowly, then eventually takes over for an evening / weekend.  
  • woodbine
    woodbine Community member Posts: 11,324 Disability Gamechanger
    We found that having "kids" changed our social life literally over-night, but I understand from what you are saying that it's more than that, I would start were I you in educating my extended family about her condition in the hope that they may start to understand better.
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  • and15
    and15 Community member Posts: 73 Courageous
    Hi woodbine and rebel11
    I'm trying with the education but they either "know best" aka they have seen rain man!or go into denial.
    As regards a carer I would if I could find one and slowly introduce one but sadly I tried it with my mother and neither could cope but it's worth progressing further thank you
  • Alex_Scope
    Alex_Scope Posts: 7,562 Scope online community team
    Hi there @and15 keep persevering if you can. I don't know if you're aware but Scope does offer Family Services, and I think Navigate or Parents Connect might be worth looking into for some extra support.

    You can be referred for both services, and must be living in England or Wales. 

    If you need help with anything else or have any more questions, please ask :) Keep us up to date with how things go!
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  • L_Volunteer
    L_Volunteer Community Volunteer Adviser, Scope Member Posts: 7,979 Disability Gamechanger
    Oh no, not rain man! @and15 (fellow autistic here)  :p
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