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What a strange Title.

I just went to research something on the PIP's enquiry help line and was asked this?
  Hello there

So we give the right advice for you, can you answer which Nation you're from?

Wales / Cymru

  Nation?  clicked on Wales and got nothing?

Are we ( Wales ) a Nation?  I thought that all enquiries went through a generic help line number?  And could not change the results about assessments?
  Any way not my query?  Are we all separate Nations now?


  • Jean Eveleigh
    Jean Eveleigh Scope Member Posts: 183 Pioneering
    Technically we have always been separate nations that is why we are a united kingdom and not just a kingdom.

    They are asking now as the devolved nations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales get more and more powers as they years go on they have more control over devolved budgets and so can have access to pots of money others don't to offer help to citizens within their boarders due to cost of living etc. although the main benefits are set by central government i.e. Westminster.


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