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Flaw in the Law - Mental Health

FrankV Community member Posts: 23 Connected
There appears to be an awful lot of legislation pertaining to Mental Health, on particular regarding negligence and discrimination, however, in trying to pursue matters all I repeatedly come across is:- Mental Health is such a niche area and we do not have specialists that would be able to help??????????????????????

Mental Health is in fact becoming as prevalent and if not more important than CANCER, and should be dealt with in more seriousness. People who suffer with a mental health condition which goes untreated or misdiagnosed pose a serious problem for the health system as a whole and there just does not seem to be enough resources applied to this particular field in order to prevent conditions of exacerbating, even leading to suicide.

After a) suffering unlawful discrimination by my GP practice for their unlawful removal from the practice patient list and b) been subjected to physical and mental abuse from my employer, I have pursued 2 legal claims, as litigant in person (not by choice, but because I was unable to secure the services of a competent legal professional with knowledge of Disability Discrimination) since October 2018. These have absorbed the majority of my livelihood and well being, in that it is extremely exhausting to have to research the legislation and then to be advised that my efforts have all be in vain.

Most recently it was discovered after waiting 3 years that my (new) GP failed in making their relevant referral to adult mental health services for assessment and treatment and therefore the application was declined. Should the patient wish to proceed with a new application, the current wait time is 3 years. 

So through no fault of my own, I am now once again at the back of the queue and why should I have to accept this? My condition has worsened over time, and being forced to wait another 3 years, the my mental health status will have depleted even further, if I am still alive by then?  

As a community which is made up of over 14 million people in the UK and as per the Office for Budget Responsibility, Disability benefits spending is forecast at £32,5billion in UK 2022-23 increasing to £50.4billion by 2027-28, and therefore we should not be treated in such a poor fashion. I personally do not believe that the Disabled community as a whole have not been recognised and or treated with the respect that they deserve, and quite frankly speaking, the flaw is in the Law that has been developed in order to provide protection where needed.   
Please do NOT signpost me to the general charities which include MIND or SAMARITANS etc for help because that is a trigger for my anxiety. I know you mean well, but everyone is different and it just does not work for me, I've tried. 


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