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Right to counselling and ongoing case management services as an autistic adult

Camellia Community member Posts: 67 Courageous
I have diagnosed autism and bipolar 2 and have a complex back story - having my diagnosis withheld from me and having to struggle, disrespect shown towards me by my own family because of my autism making for complex and unhealthy dynamic where I am always seen as the problem culminating in a schism in the family and estrangement from my now grown autistic son (will not go into details but a highly charming social predator has become overly close to my now grown autistic son and my family believe her over me).

I have done what I can to try and protect my son by reporting it to the authorities but I am not believed because of my autism. I do not wish to go into further details regarding the specifics of my back story as it is upsetting and I am not looking for a pity party - my focus here is instead finding out what my rights are with regards to getting professional help. 

I have no choice but to accept this repeated injustice and have asked for therapy but am being denied therapy because I have asked for someone who knows about autism or is prepared to learn about autism as “they do not have specialist expertise in it” and it is “….not something their service offers”. The local autism service has next to no service for adults and even if they did they do not provide counselling for family or emotional issues. 

Surely all services must be capable of adapting their services to the needs of autistic adults be that a GP or CMHT - it is simply a matter of taking it upon themselves to consult with someone with the necessary expertise and to respect reasonable adjustments 

They also tell me I do not have a right to have a case manager through CMHT service. Again there is no services for adults with autism in my area and CMHT has a model whereby they only provide crisis / episodic care on a recovery model.  I have autism, bipolar 2, GAD, dyspraxia, slowed processing and working memory issues and likely non verbal learning disability for which I am seeking a formal assessment. 

I am struggling because of the dual diagnosis which both the CMHT and my LA are using as an excuse not to help me because they do not offer autism specialist services. 

Do I have a legal right to counselling and case management as an autistic person with complex needs (despite having an IQ above 70). 

Case management is needed because my life should not be high jacked having to fight for each and every service. 


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