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Equality Act/ struggling with my mental health.

jan5987 Community member Posts: 107 Courageous
Hi everybody 
It’s complicated my story, sorry I can’t remember if I put a post on about what happened to me at A&E last year but now it’s about health issues and hospital attitude.
I have to have infusions due to my health condition now, I had my first one on Monday after the hospital told me it was at a different hospital and so many things hit and miss with the NHS as one person tells me one thing and other person says another.
so I was nervous as it was on Monday but going with my husband I felt more at ease, 
I had asked if they had a room on my own as wasn’t sure how I would be and nurse said ok as they had one but if there wasn’t I would be in the ladies bay.

as soon as we got there the matron said my husband wasn’t allowed due to covid policy and vulnerable people there, I said but no one is masked up, so yes we are all vulnerable but it doesn’t see to matter as our hospital in the north east has no covid policy 🙄. She said,well it’s there policy but he can this time but not any other times,it was really stressful for us both,my husband has anxiety issues as well.
the next day I rang MIND up and spoke to there legal team who told me about reasonable adjustments which I had never heard of before.
but would need a medical professional to write a letter saying why I would need my husband there, basically last year I got PTSD from a different hospital and now I am having flashbacks again from last year’s nightmare at a different hospital after what that nurse said about my husband not been allowed
I rang the Gp practice who hasn’t even a clue what I have and been no help at all,but MIND said to try so I spoke to receptionist who said GP could do a letter cost £40 but he didn’t know if it would help or not,
my husband rang the hospital and the nurse said nothing she can do it’s there policy and due me going to a ladies bay men not allowed and no mixed ward as it’s a medical day unit.

So I am left with my mental health issues getting worse,flashbacks from PTSD starting again and hospital has no policy on mental health issues and they take no notice of the equality act and a  person’s mental and disabilities in the act.



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