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Hi, my name is djee! Why arent we simply issued with a national disability card

djee Community member Posts: 2 Listener
edited April 2023 in Start here and say hello!
Why arent we simply issued with a national disability card on our disability becoming a matter of government record in various ways that it now does, this would be simple enough to do through local council records for one reason or another that are held on us & could be done automatically all they need then is a photo. This would be far better than something knocked up by some private firm or other&with local council logo on it and electronic info id far more valid and effective especially for hidden disabilitys &would cut out a lot of fraudalent use of blue badges and it could be used electronically instead of radar keys for public disabled W.C. as those keys can be bought off Ebay by ANYBODY&used ,i was waiting to go in one&eventually out came a couple who had obviously been having sex in it with no regard at all for the needs of us outside it in danger of becoming very wet at the least! Pregnancy emergency he declared yet was no sign of any &the giggling spoke volumes ,i thought well she likely wasnt pregnant when u went in but who knows now! Such an magnetic/electronic card would become useful in many many other ways and circumstance both for i.d. and functional. It could have different functions installed depending on need for instance not all hidden disabilitys need use of disabled toilets &can hold up a person with more desperate need &suchlike incidentals ,not all need to use disabled parking &the possibility of it being scanned to do a spot check would put many off using it illegally leaving parking for those with a more urgent genuine need. Are many many ways such a card could be used &of great advantage to us.


  • Hannah_Alumni
    Hannah_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,912 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @djee

    Welcome to the community :) I can see the idea of a card being a benefit, especially if we were to use them instead of keys for disability bathrooms or for accessing parking. I think it would also generate more local jobs too, if the councils or local communities sort them. I still think there could be an issue with fraud and misuse, but significantly less. 
    Hannah - She / Her

    Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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  • djee
    djee Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thats the only problem, still fraud exists to some degree with everything  but like you agree it would cut it down&no doubt some relatives of disabled will still use it whether are with them at the time or not just like some do the blue badge. For me living alone with no passport or driving licence it would definitely be a bonus for ID &proof of disability as the bus pass looks no different to senior citizen pass here. People get so paranoid about disability faking i know some do fake a disability but some people who should know better for some reason can go very weird on one, all it takes is a bit of stupid gossip by some idiot who has no awareness or understanding whatso ever who sees one doing something that they decide a disabled shouldnt or cant do and all hell can break out! The times ive had Aids put on me simply because im gay&disabled ,when was on tv years ago that aids victims can get muscle spasms low& behold for the 3rd time i supposedly had aids, i had to get negative test results in writing and literally show it around ,the BT shop as then was asked for a copy to pass round to shut people up. These idiots can make ones life turn to a living HELL ON EARTH. The worst moment was when asian man pointed to me in city centre shouting "keep away from him hes got Aids"!!!! I wonder how many who said of me actually had/have it themselves!!! The latest rubbish was that my disability was just a gay kink game thing!!! I had an idiot approach me &even a silly woman talking such rubbish to my face, i pointed out very loudly that gay people can also be disabled whether they are into kinky sex or not. People are so stupid and also too often just VERY CRUEL &start these things just for "fun" im not laughing.
  • Alex_Alumni
    Alex_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,562 Disability Gamechanger
    I'm sorry to hear about what you've experienced @djee, people can indeed be very cruel and ignorant. There is still a big lack of awareness from some parts of wider society about disability and sexuality. It can be very hurtful when we feel mocked or othered, or when people jump to their own incorrect assumptions. 

    I certainly think more can be done to address these negative assumptions or stereotypes within society, and that starts with more open and inclusive attitudes, public spaces, and systems and services too, which is why it's important disabled people's voices are heard and listened to. 
    Online Community Coordinator

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