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I have been placed in the LWCRA group as was switched from claiming UC to ESA? Havnt received a payment yet, as my first payment of initial UC was feb 10th 23’
then it switched it ESA. I have been providing sick papers since Nov 24th 2023’. How do I know how much LWCRA payment I will get please? Unlike UC there is nowhere to sign in and see ESA payments etc? Thankyou 


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    You're not automatically switched from UC to ESA. You would have needed to claim New style ESA yourself. UC and New style ESA can be claimed at the same time but the ESA will be deducted in full from any UC entitlement.
    LCWRA is part of UC and not a separate benefit.
    Your timeline isn't clear because you said that you've been sending fit notes since 24th Nov 2022 and didn't receive your first UC payment until 10th Feb 2023.
    Do you mean you were claiming ESA first and then claimed UC? Are you still claiming UC as well as ESA?