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Let's tell a story .

stay_positive Community member Posts: 228 Courageous
The idea is to start a story off and then someone adds to it , lets see where this goes .

Once upon a time, there was an old house in a very remote area which was surrounded by woods , the house was very run down , the windows needed fixing and the doors didn't lock anymore it seemed to have been empty for many years (or was it?). One day a young couple were out walking and they became lost , it was beginning to get dark and they knew they would need to find somewhere to rest , suddenly they saw the big old house and they felt relieved , they walked up to the door and found it was open , they shouted to see if anyone was home . When no one answered they entered the house, it felt very ...........


  • life
    life Community member Posts: 527 Pioneering
    Odd that the fireplace looked as though it had just been used and not that long ago. 

    There was pictures near the fireplace some half burnt. The man picked one up and saw that it was quite an old photo of someone standing next to a German shepherd dog. He couldn't see the face of the person in the picture as it was burnt out.

    The couple started walking slowly towards the kitchen door when they heard a bang from upstairs. Not a loud band but it was enough to startle them. 

    They looked at each other ••••••••
  • stay_positive
    stay_positive Community member Posts: 228 Courageous
    what could it possibly be they mused ? They stood silent waiting for a second sound , they could hear their own heart beats in their ears , the pounding like a bass drum, but no second sound was heard . 
    Let's check the kitchen anyway she said , and walked much slower and much more carefully towards the kitchen hoping no one or nothing would hear or notice them , BUT ......
  • stay_positive
    stay_positive Community member Posts: 228 Courageous
    I wonder if anyone has any idea what happens next ?
    This can be fun :)
  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Scope Member Posts: 43,924 Disability Gamechanger
    But in the kitchen was a shaft, they peered in, it was quite big, enough for a person to sit inside. It looked like it went up towards the bedroom's. They looked at each other in silence. Quietly thinking. 
    "Well there is only one way to find out." Said Sam.
    He climbed in and slowly pulled the rope to go upwards. 


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