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Zumbagirl_789 Community member Posts: 7 Listener
Hi. Haven’t been on in a long time I’ve been busy with work and everything. 

Pushing to get myself a proper diagnosis for dispraxia. I have always displayed all the symptoms but my GP doesn’t want me to have a label as he thinks it will cause problems, but I seem to have more issues with not knowing, other people saying they ‘don’t understand me’ being a big one. 

In any job I’ve been in I just take a bit longer to grasp new tasks and I get overwhelmed if I am given too many instructions at once and people don’t seem to understand I just need a bit more time and people have been quite rude and nasty to me over it. Once i get the hang of something I am fine. 

I struggle with fine motor skills such as tying things, chopping things, zips, buttons can be slow at doing things, struggle to make friends and I am really clumsy and I’ve been told I need to get my act together when I drop things etc which makes me more clumsy. 

I am seeing a mental health nurse at the moment who is looking into getting a diagnosis but even that I’ve got to tick all the Right boxes!! 

I live independently and just require minimal support my family with certain things and attending appointments etc so I’ve never been registered as disabled as apparently I’ve have myself too independent. 

I finish waffling now 

good evening 


  • Cher_Alumni
    Cher_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,741 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Zumbagirl_789 It's lovely to hear from you! Thanks for the update on how things are going. 

    It's good to hear that your mental health nurse is supporting you with getting a dyspraxia diagnosis. You know your needs more than anyone else, and it's important to follow your gut if you believe you have all the symptoms.

    Just to check, I hope you don't hurt yourself when chopping things? If you feel that additional support from a support worker might be beneficial, then you can refer yourself for a needs assessment online whereby someone from your local council will come out to meet you and look at what could they could provide to help make life that bit easier. There's no need to have any official diagnosis, the onus is very much on making it easier to manage everyday.

    I hope you're still doing zumba? Be sure to pop in again someday soon and let us know how you're doing  <3
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