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Firstly may I say a big hello to everyone.
Just a brief start on my history. I have always been awarded the higher rate of DLA from the age of 19. I am now 60. PIP changed things slightly whereby benefit increased but I was only awarded 10 for mobility. Which meant the reduced vehicle tax needed to be applied for. (will come to this later)
At the end of March, my blue badge expired. Expire date linked in with my PIP award, which means you could have a long period of no Badge. In my case needed daily. I had not received my letter from PIP.
I emailed the council, who immediately called me to offer a resolve. As long as I gave permission she was able to look on the DWP records to see I had been awarded PIP for another 3 years. She immediately processed my application and my badge arrived in 10 days. 
Then it came to vehicle tax. I paid in full for vehicle tax to start 1st May. I wrote a letter explaining situation, enclosed a copy of my yearly PIP update and also granted permission for DVLA to access my records to confirm my PIP award to 2026.

I have just had a letter from DVLA to say they cannot process my refund, unless I send a copy of my certificate of entitlement.
So my questions
1. Why cant the DVLA do exactly what my local council did? And why cant they use my yearly review.
2. Why cant you get through to DWP. 10 attempts last week, very long waits and everyone was cut off. 
3. Who else has suffered with a period of no Blue Badge due to PIP

Long winded I know but looking forward to some assistance on contacting DWP for a certificate.



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    As you only have standard mobility and not Enhanced, it's not the actual certifcate of entitlement you need for your vehicle tax (VED) because you don't receive this with standard mobility. You will only receive a certificate of entitlement when you have Enhanced mobility.

    What you need to do is send a copy of your award letter stating the dates of the award and what award you have. You also need to send all your other supporting documents with it, as well as payment for 50% of the road tax.

    I wouldn't expect DVLA to access your PIP details from DWP because they can't do that.

    The best time to ring PIP is usually as soon as they open at 9am, which will be Tuesday now.

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    Hi there @daver and thanks for your posts, you had a few duplicated threads, so I've tidied these all up for you. I can see Poppy has posted a helpful reply, is there anything we can help with you're still feeling unsure about?

    It feels like a lot of people are struggling to get through to the DWP on the phone at the moment, which is incredibly frustrating, but I'd encourage you to keep trying, especially when they first open. No doubt it will be busy after the bank holiday, so let us know how it goes when you can.
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