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broken tenancy council tax

taxus Community member Posts: 2 Listener
Can anyone advise me on a matter thats causing me distress. I got offered a flat in october and it ended in january. The reason why the tenancy broke is because i couldnt get any energy into the flat by way of the only one supplier not letting go of an previous account tenancy in arrears. Within a month the flat was boarded up because apparently the neighbour from downstairs saw smoke coming from his flat because of a leak from mine, The fire dept regarded this as a matter that needed the whole door coming off. So for the past month had no way of staying in. Council didnt bother fixing the door in a few weeks so cancelled tenancy.
I find myself still liable to pay rent for a property i coudnt move into. And now iv recieved a letter stating that i have to pay council tax. I told them i coudnt move in yet so they have decided to take off 25% discount they gave me and say i have to pay the full amount. The council tax has come half a year after the tenancy has expired. I cannot afford to pay 500 for rent and 500 for council tax on a property iv not moved into. I am on UC and have no way to afford this. Can anyone advise anything i could do to ease the situation. I have recieved no letters or any form of cummunication and thick my housing officer applied for me. They took a direct debit out without me knowing leavin me in minus.any advise ? Thanks.



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