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charlie79 Community member Posts: 252 Pioneering
Good Afternoon
I would greatly appreciate any advice especially from some of the long time warriors who have a long term knowlege of benefits system from the past legacy to the present.
I was issued a section 21 in February as my landlord had to sell the property I am occupying for personal reasons. I was advised to vacate by the 23rd April 2023. I cant answer phone so heavily rely on cmht team secondary care for support and slow intergration with using devices.
I had a call assessment with housing officer in which my carecordinator answered on my behalf which was arranged with housing team via support team on my regular home visits.
I have had bullimia in past and 2 yrs ago was 16stine 3 pounds, which has changed to anorexia, am currently 8 stone size 6. So my my dresses have gone from looking like tents to my tops now looking like handacheifs. Its becoming an obsession and uncontrollable function to cope with stress.
I have not left my  home in 7 yrs due to a court case and ptsd and many more mental health problems unwilling donated to after the event and unfortunately unable to evict them from my life. I also have self harm which sometimes is only thing that blocks pain.

The housing officer said they will need 2 yrs of letters. I have never kept letters for more than 6 months. Can i cross reference ones from benefits ect .I cleaned out my paper work in january to declutter as I working with cmht to rebuild myself.

Also they asked about a deposit scheme. I was housed by the council and support services in 2017. A deposit was never given.
There was a scheme at time where the council would guarantee up to the amount of £800 to a landlord for any damage if when a tenant vacated the landlord could claim for any damage. Does anyone know what this was called.
The housing officer phone assessment was on loud speaker but she only sounded young and not knowledgeable of old benefit system. Kept saying would have to refere back to benefit information.
I have been told high priority,  have a cat who is registered as emotional support pet have certificate and everything.

So i have a eating disorder self harm eviction and dro in process and many other severe mental health problems.
The list they need of documents seems more like an immigration application rather than a homeless. I getting really stressed.

If any of you lovely  brave warriors can give me any advice I would be greatful.
For any one concerned I am under cmht (secondary) for my all my mental health self harm eating disorder ect  so no need to worry. I have just started process with seeking help but waiting for referrals and receiving support struggling but trying and reaching out to support and team when coping seems possible.

I worked all my life before the event that changed it and disabled me through mental health last ten. Over night my independance and me lost. Replaced with a host of disabilities and trauma of unwanted replays of events haunting me in my sleep. Its like a pocession.
Sometimes think need exorcism not medical



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