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Housing Association/Neighbours/Taking over Tenancy

oldngrumpy Scope Member Posts: 212 Pioneering
I am hoping to take over the tenancy of my current home, from my brother. I need to contact the Housing Association soon.

For over thirty years I have been bullied by certain neighbours, I have only complained a few times, twice to the Housing Association and once to the Police.
Neither has made any real progress in stopping the bullying.

I intend to, that's if I take over tenancy to send a two page letter.
The first page will be a letter of thanks for allowing me to stay.
The second page will be titled 
A List of Boundaries

In this page I am going to list some of the worst behaviours I have had to put up with over the last thirty years.
*Physically barging me into the road into the path of oncoming vehicle and I heard sniggering
*Calling me the "W" word for the last fifteen years in public

These are just two scenarios I can tell you.
There are loads more, such as Bullying Narcissistic behaviour and I will add these in the second page of this letter.
I complained constantly in 016, the Police and also the Housing Association. 
But nothing was done.

Anyhow there is Freedom of Speech. If I do list a Set of Boundaries does anyone think this will harm my tenancy rights/Knock someone's nose out of joint?

Just before I close can I add...
My Mental Health has massively deteriorated over the years because of this bullying, if I don't let the Housing Association know this i am going to go mad.

Opinions please folks? Thanks


  • MW123
    MW123 Scope Member Posts: 248 Pioneering

    Hello oldngrumpy

    I am really sorry to read abut the difficult situation you have been facing with your neighbours for such a long time.  It must be incredibly frustrating to have experienced bullying and to feel your complaints have not been adequately addressed by the Housing Association or the police. 

    Writing a respectful letter expressing your gratitude for the opportunity to  stay and outling the behaviours you have endured over the years can be a way to communicate your concerns effectively.

    It is unlikely that clearly stating your boundaries and expressing your concerns would harm your tenancy rights.  However, before taking that step perhaps you should consult with Shelter or similar organisations who will be familiar with tenancy rights and can advise you on this.

    Remember to take care of your mental health during this process, and seek support from your GP or mental health team.  They should be able to help you cope with the stress and emotional toll of the bullying.  I hope that your Housing Association takes your concerns seriously and works towards finding a resolution that ensures your well being and a peaceful living environment for you.

     All the best MW


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