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Hello +help

Jacquied Community member Posts: 1 Listener
edited July 2023 in Education
Hello I am happy to be in this group I would like some help if possible
i am a Cancer sufferer with complex medical issues plus in November 2022 I developed cauda equina syndrome which has limited my walking resulting in the loss of my independence so now I have to use a wheelchair and or a motability scooter as I have a motability car but now can’t go out on my own as I am not allowed to lift anything 
So now I need a portable hoist I have seen some good ones advertised which cost aroung £450 an as I cannot afford it I am looking for a grainy if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be mosrpt grateful 
Sorry for the long message


  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 10,599 Scope online community team
    Good morning @Jacquied. I'm sorry no one has been able to help you so far. Did you manage to source a hoist or find anything more about grants?

    I hope you've already managed to find something, but if not, Scope have lots of information on our website about finding and applying for grants and there is also the Disability Grant website which may have something that can help in your situation.

    Community Manager
  • CATP
    CATP Community member Posts: 78 Courageous
    hi @Jacquied do you know if youve got much time left till your next motability car contract?
    if you happened to be coming up to your next car,i know you can get a hoist a heck of a lot cheaper if you ask for it to be put in when you are ordering your next car,my last cars hoist only cost £500 (didnt have one put in my SEAT arona as i found it dificult to use and my support staff were useless at helping with it and kept getting the strings tangled up).it shoud have cost a ton more than £500 had i bought at another time,one thing i do remember is you dont own the hoist if you get it that way as they told me that its under the T & C that i had to give it back with the car.

    if your on facebook theres a few good UK based groups for disability equipment a bit like the freecycle style format so people may be asking for something,or selling something or giving something away.

    another possible option?, it may not be an option to you at all in terms of lifting or money,but what aboutt a second hand rigid but super lightweight manual chair,ive just got my custom quickie nitrum delivered today partly so i can get it in the car myself....after transfering to your car,you can then click the wheels off and drag the chair onto the backseat,but its not an option for everyone. an american company called ki mobility do good rigids that are minimalist and super lightweight but these tend to be for people under a certin weight (17 stone usualy and under) to keep the materials lightweight.


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