Why did the first guy mess me around with the first date/meetup and the next guy did not? — Scope | Disability forum
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Why did the first guy mess me around with the first date/meetup and the next guy did not?

Splatmate24 Community member Posts: 370 Courageous

he was slightly later than planned on the first date, then it was cut short afterward. When I went on his Facebook, I saw he was in relationships with more than one woman. I gave up on him and went onto a guy with whom I had a first date / meetup. There is no mention of the first guy who was texting multiple women as being in more than one relationship. After rejecting the first one and putting him in the friendzone, the next one let me know that he might not make it on June 8 due to some sleeping problems. One man who has autism and adhd did meetup at the public park. There were two ice-cream vans in the public park, so I sent a picture to whatsapp. He got there on June 8 and it was okay so it was a short date. i don't like very hot weather because it makes me more tired. Having a bit of hot weather is fine with me, but I prefer to be in the shade and in the cold. I'm not yet met some men that are nasty, but I've met some women that have been nasty to me on facebook and has nasty friendships. A previous friendship with some women helped tempt the guy to cheat on me. that's why i don't go out anymore in college but I found online some men who had similar experiences with someone else. However, his was in his college and had more then one girlfriend at the same time and i was one that broken up with him .instead . also i'm not interested in dating men on scope online community since it's not a dating site, it's just a platform to share people experice with dating or being in relationship . with online dating to share experice . There is nothing good about disabled dating. A dating site called freedating.co.uk was where I met the next man. His profile was different from the others. He has a serious relationship with one man on his profile. the other men put both serious and casual relationships on the table. i think the first guy ghosted me after the first date . i'm ok now with meetup with next guy and he wanted a short date before me metup and it went well. I try not to talk until he has finished talking . I'm ok now and ok and i was nervous to . i didn't wanted to get mees around again but not sure an d see how is goes. what are you thought about my experince with friendship and some relationship?


  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 10,600 Scope online community team
    edited June 2023

    It sounds like you've had some difficult experiences with friendships and relationships @Splatmate24. It's understandable that these experiences have made you nervous.

    Luckily not everyone will treat you the same way. There are lots of people people who are kind, respectful, and genuine.

    These experiences are helping you learn what you do and don't want and that is a good thing.

    Community Manager
  • Splatmate24
    Splatmate24 Community member Posts: 370 Courageous
    @Adrian_Scope i also has some diffuct times with one sister that is younger's then me don't seem to care and always get in way of me when i walking . dropping off is always her first and doesn't need to follow the same rules that my mum only rules for me when come to dating men with a learning disabity and is doesn't matter which disability . i have try to talk my mum about my rules just go about abuse,verbal abuse and then used  silent treatment on me most time . my mum stopped what she doing and always my yonger sisters . i got annoyed at her most of time . didn't help me most with dating advice .refuse to give me any way or has be her way when come to dating men but both sister are just can who they want date if they did have a learning disability or not . my mum has also pushed me and hit me and bump into me . i did back at her since . also most tip up . i had to walk faster then my yonger sister most of time to not let her to get in my way . still hasn't given back my phone charger at all .  with has dealing with cyberbullying on facebook to . 


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