Hi, my name is Arilynmay! son who has tried to claim ESA

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Hi everyone I am the mum of a recently diagnosed end stage kidney failure son who has tried to claim ESA and although can claim has not been paid anything at all they say he did not have enough credits in NI contributions even though it was paid up to date.  Would he be able to claim Universal Credit or PIP has anyone here put claims in for these benefits and been successful, can someone let me know and then we can put something in place for him.  Thank you 


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    For New style ESA if he was self employed he will need class 2 NI contributions. If he was PAYE then it will be class 1 that he needs. Any other NI class will not entitle him to receive any payments. It's also the previous 2 tax years they look at, 2020/21 and 2021/22.

    UC is a means tested benefit so whether he's entitled will depend on his circumstances. If he lives with a partner they will need to claim as a couple. If he has more than £16,000 in savings/capital he'll be excluded from claiming. He can use a benefits calculator to check entitlement. https://www.entitledto.co.uk/benefits-calculator

    If it shows some entitlement then he will need to make sure he reports his health condition, supported by a fit note within 7 days of that. Then continue to send them without any gaps until a decision is made on his work capability assessment.

    For PIP it will depend on how his conditions affect him against the 12 PIP activities. It's not awarded based on any diagnosis. See link for more details. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benefits/sick-or-disabled-people-and-carers/pip/

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    Hello @Arilynmay and welcome, thanks for reaching out. I've just moved your post over into our ESA category and edited the title slightly so it's easier for members to share their thoughts.

    How are you and your son feeling about this recent diagnosis? If we can help with anything further, please ask :)