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Can i really have aspergers officially diagnosed but don't think i have it

TheHashishEater Community member Posts: 1 Listener
edited July 2023 in Autism and neurodiversity
Pls excuse my bad grammar, i am not a native english speaker. This will be a very long post so i apologize in advance.

Hi, i wanted to ask for advice on this forum about the issue of autism/aspergers, and whether i can really be affected by that "disorder" when i have multiple traits which seem like the very opposite of what an autistic person is commonly said to be like. I was officially diagnosed as a child, but i don't think i actually have it.

I was diagnosed with ADHD when i was about 4 i think, but when i was about 9 or so they said i don't have it but i have aspergers instead.

I am seriously confused about all this, going from thinking i might have it to believing i definitely don't. I have done online tests and they are generally all negative, but i have an official diagnosis, so i must have it right? at least that is what people (on the internet) always say. I am definitely not "neurotypical", i mean i have OCD and maybe ADHD, but i think the person who diagnosed me with aspergers back then might have been wrong.
Of course the best way to find out would be to go to a doctor, but my social anxiety kind of makes this an impossibility, plus i wouldn't even know how to do that without help, and i certainly can't ask someone for help with that kind of thing now (i am 19). I don't "have" a doctor of any kind currently and i don't know how to get one, so i had hoped people on this forum who will be much more knowledgeable on this topic than anyone i know could help me instead. Looking for posts from other people online doesn't help if they don't have the exact symptoms that i have.

Traits i think i share with people with autism:

I am very introverted. I have moderate but not extreme social anxiety, and i generally don't need social interaction. When i was younger i found school mostly boring and couldn't wait for the time when i got home and could finally be alone. I had some few friends but they weren't very close, and i never interacted with them outside of school. Now that i don't go there anymore i have none whatsoever, but i don't really feel like i am missing something. I never had the "need" for friends like most other people. To be sure, a friendship feels nice, i get that, but i can live a happy life without any. Not that i live a very happy life currently, but my lack of friends isn't the reason for that. Its different with a romantic relationship, that is something i'd genuinely like to have, but for multiple reasons i think its unlikely i will ever get that, and i do feel sad about it. This is actually a point where i might differ from most autists, from what i read people with autism/asp. usually aren't interested in intimate romantic relationships, although i could be wrong about that.

The whole "special interests" thing, i think i might have that. It isn't one specific thing, but often a number of topics that interest me intensely. I have like 4 or 5 more "scientific" things which interest me most currently and have for some years, which i think about often and like to learn new things about. Most of them have to do with biology. And yes, i do have those moments where i would love to talk with someone about one specific thing that fascinates me in that moment. When i was younger i did just that with people at my school or even my mother and grandparents. I can tell when someone gets bored with what i am saying, but i couldn't help myself, i just had to tell them about why in the future most people will be living in giant rotating habitats in space rather than on planets and what an o'neil cylinder is or how spin-gravity works. They just had to know. I never overdone it though, i was never too "weird" about it. Most of what interests me is more aesthetic however, and i am interested by fictional stories and art. I also want to get better at the later and become an artist myself.

Weird low verbal abilities. I often when i write or talk have problems with my grammar, both in english and in my native language. I just forget how to structure sentences. I also very frequently just can not remember words. Sometimes i feel like i just "can't do language", as it were, its really frustrating. My "tonal" abilities however, which words to emphasize or when to speak in a higher or lower pitch or the speed at which to talk at, are normal, maybe even above average. Those kinds of abilities where i think i could be a public speaker or a voice actor, as long as i had to read from a prewritten script, and not come up with the words myself. I don't think a had those problems when i was a kid, they have only really appeared since i have isolated myself more, so maybe they are more environmental in origin and not so much a sign of any neurodisability. Almost everything i read and watch is in english, i even think and probably dream in english, yet i never talk to anyone in english obviously, everytime i speak to someone it is in german, and even so i talk rarely with anyone because of my isolation. Maybe this explains why i am now bad at both languages.

I didn't think this was a thing with autism, but i saw that somewhere in another post so i will write this to: I daydream quite often. I have a relatively strong imagination, i can lie in bed imagining fantastic scenarios, thinking up whole stories and worlds, sometimes for hours. Though i often worry i am not creative enough. I it sometimes hard to come up with new things and that bothers me, because i see creativity as one of the most important traits to have, at least for me personally.

Things i think i don't share with people who have asp/autism:

I never had any problems with motor skills. I often read that autists are somewhat "clumsy" and "uncoordinated" in their movements, i never experienced anything of that kind.

I don't have a monotonous voice. I don't have the opposite of that either.

I feel no strong attachment for routines. I currently have mostly free time, so i don't have any routine at all. Infact i don't even have a sleep cycle, sometimes i sleep at night sometimes at day, whatever it happens to be. Not that i don't do stuff, i already mentioned i want to become an artist, but the times i do anything differ from day to day. I also like to be spontaneous.

I have no problem reading peoples facial expressions, i think. I also have no and never had any problems understanding sarcasm. I often hear that autists have a problem understanding lies. I must shamefully admit, when i was younger, especially when i was in preschool, (6 to 10 years), i lied a lot. I lied constantly, mostly about small things, and most people, children and adults alike, believed my lies. I stopped that later for moral reasons of course.

This one is a bit of a neutral point. I think i am somewhat more sensitive to stimuli than the average person, i feel both negative and positive emotions stronger. An example for the latter would be when i listen to good music. I am very high in disgust, especially of certain things, i have misophonia for example. I am also very high in shame and easily ashamed, which ties in with or causes my social anxiety, and also my OCD compulsions. And yet i never have been "overwhelmed", the concept sounds completely alien to me, i also never had a panic attack. From what i have read, most autists have those moments when everything around them, all the stimuli, gets to much, they get "overwhelmed", and have to withdraw from everything. I can not relate to that, it has never gotten that bad for me.

Right, so those are the points i wanted to state, i hope i didn't forget anything important. I don't know if anyone will read all of this, but if someone could and wrote a reply i would be very grateful. Most of this information i have told no one yet, you are literally the first and maybe the only people who will ever know of this, this has only existed in my head until now.
I hope i haven't annoyed anyone but i would really like some help with this, i really don't know of a better way to find advice with this.
I am male by the way if that helps

TLTR i guess:
I was officially diagnosed with aspergers, so i must have it, but can i really if i
/ don't like routines, / have no problem reading facial expressions, / perfectly understand sarcasm / and even lied as a kid & had no problem knowing when someone else lied


  • Biblioklept
    Biblioklept Community member Posts: 4,180 Disability Gamechanger
    edited July 2023
    The over-thinking and over-analysing this feels very autistic to me! :D 

    Joking aside, you sound a lot like me @TheHashishEater. I'm diagnosed with ADHD and autism (they don't give aspergers diagnosis anymore but I was told I was asperger-presenting). 

    I can read facial expressions, I can judge tone (although I'm very sensitive to it and often assume people are upset with/mad at me and err on the negative but that's probably my anxiety talking). I'm a people-watcher and believe I've got a good sense of people and people skills. 
    I speak with tone and inflection. In fact lots of actors/actresses are autistic which shows we definitely aren't all monotone! Look at Antony Hopkins! 

    Did you know it's more common than not for autistic people to also have ADHD? Studies have found as much as 70% and that's without looking at the many undiagnosed, especially with gender bias. 

    You could well have been misdiagnosed. You could also have comorbid conditions such as ADHD. My question would be why do you not want the autism/asperger diagnosis? Would being told you don't have it suddenly change you/your life? 


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