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Help please…

amocha Community member Posts: 1 Listener
edited July 2023 in Start here and say hello!
Hi all I’m new here and wanting a bit of advice.
my son is just finishing YR 2 at school. I’m really worried how he will cope with key stage 2 as he is so far behind.
currently in mainstream school, with EHCP and reduced timetable and EHCP going to panel for SP consideration. However there aren’t places within the settings That are available to him so even if he does get accepted we are looking at 2025 before he’s moved. It’s been a sh*t show so far. When he was giving ECHP initially last year I asked for his SALT plan to be added and to go to panel for SP…this never happened as his SENs officer left and we had 11 months no correspondence. Myself and school couldn’t get a response. So panel decision pending. EHCP annual review completed and now his SALT plan has been added to EHCP, but his SALT review is next month I’ve asked everyone if his SALT plan changes will it be followed if it’s not on EHCP, no one can give me an answer. He’s speech is stopping him learning to read and his school have not carried out his current SALT plan because it wasn’t on EHCP so there’s been little progress over the year. Also for the time he is at school he doesn’t do much learning, it took seven months for school to provide him with work for home despite me repeated asking and now I do receive it but there’s no variation just loads of the same thing, no learning objective or outcome I just have to wing it. They are eager for him to stay on reduced timetable because he struggles to self regulate but when I asked them about what else we can try in regards to getting him reading and righting and support with SALT I feel like my concerns are brushed under the carpet. No one can tell me what the plan is going forwards regarding his academic progress. Right now I’ve lost all patience. I have had no support and I have no idea who to turn to for advice, I do not know the system, what is acceptable/unacceptable, what I should be asking for and I feel like no one actually cares about my son and his future. Please can anyone point me in the right direction so I can’t try and get this resolved 
thank you 😊 


  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 11,011 Scope online community team
    edited July 2023
    Hello @amocha and a warm welcome to the community.
    I'm so sorry to hear about the difficulties you and your son are having with his education, SALT and EHCP. Having children with SEN myself I know what it's like to feel like no one actually cares and that you're fighting alone. 

    Do you have any parent or SEN support groups in your area? I've found these invaluable in the past as people in your area will have battled through the same system and might be able to offered more tailored advice.

    IPSEA would be a great place for you to get further support.
    "By law, children with SEND are entitled to educational support that meets their individual needs. Since IPSEA was formed in 1983, we have helped to improve educational support for thousands of children with all kinds of SEND. We do this by providing free and independent legally-based information, advice and casework support."

    Please let us know how you're getting on and remember you're not fighting this fight alone. 

    Community Manager


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