Question Regarding PIP Payment

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Hello, I won at the tribunal 4 weeks ago exactly. I decided to ring the DWP, and they said that the appeal team were reviewing it and said the payment will be in the bank account on the 11th of this month. 

My question is will it go on for the 11th, or could it be before or after? 

Also, I did not receive a text message saying I should expect money or any of that, but I did ring them, and they gave the details above. So I should be getting it, right? 

Thank you!


  • mistakes65
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    I’m only speaking from my experience with them I had my tribunal on the 6th June and exactly a month after 4th July my payments were dealt with . I was told my payment ( back payment ) will be in my bank on the 10th July . 
    I double checked as I get confused easily and the lady I spoke to said “ yes it will be in my account on the 10 July “.
    so I’m hoping that’s correct so yours should be in on the 11th 
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    If PIP told you it will be in your bank on 11th then that's when it will be there. Some banks may allow you to access those funds earlier but not all banks, Monzo is one of them.

    They don't send texts confirming money has been sent to your bank.
  • Curtis
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    Okay, thank you both very much! 

    Much Appreciated