Mandatory Reconsideration

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Had to laugh at the letter that dropped through my door.  Recently had review was awarded and still didn’t agree.  Sent MR letter in with letters from family and more medical evidence.  Wrote about how the assessor never put anything I said in descriptors only activity one.  Assessor put in all other descriptors refer to activity one. So in my letter I wrote about what I said and how it affects me for each descriptor and why I thought it was a wrong decision.  Is this a normal MR response? I know it’s not what conditions I have it’s about how they affect me. 


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    Good morning @Kath78, it looks like a pretty standard MR response. Do you know which points and descriptors you are specifically appealing against and will you be proceeding to tribunal? 
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    Hi @Adrian_Scope I’ve put in a Tribunal for descriptor planning and following a journey.  I have GAD and struggle going out to unfamiliar places by myself.  I always have someone with me or I don’t go out. It’s very stressful and I’ve explained myself that many times it just gets ignored because I can go to work 3 afternoons and to local corner shops.  I struggle to have a social life and mainly stay at home or go to families. I think because they think I can work and drive then I’m ok but that is not the case and hasn’t been for 18 years.  When I first was diagnosed I didn’t leave the house and my life fell apart but I’ve slowly built it back up to what makes me comfortable so I don’t experience extreme symptoms of GAD
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    It's DWP speak, only they speak it, so only they know what it means. If they used paragraphs it might be readable, but not understandable.