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Hi, my name is OJ1!

OJ1 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi for several years I got excruciating pain suddenly lower abdomen and had to go to the loo. I then got really bad diarrhoea and the pain came in waves . Often I passed out. This has happened in situations as restaurants and people have found me unconscious on the floor and then been hospitalised with head injuries. I went for tests a few years ago and they diagnosed vagus and said it is one of those things. I just accepted that and these episodes which occur from nowhere just occur. 
apologies for long essay!
Then last Christmas I was walking with my daughter and my bowels gave way. I have never been so embarrassed in my life . I couldn’t even reach the toilet at a pub close by!
This has happened again several times along with pain and fainting spells. 
My daughters made me get myself checked and today consultant said diverticulitis.
it is great to have a name to it and looking at other peoples stories I don’t feel so alone.
I have felt so ashamed and alone with this.and I’m not old.
I was told I have scarring etc. I don’t want to go down the stoma route unless really necessary.
anybodyelse had the same symptoms as me? And how have they coped? 
I’m sorry about this. I have felt it was inky me like this 



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