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How do I choose which man to let into my long-term relationship and which man to avoid?

Splatmate24 Community member Posts: 370 Courageous
Although not all men are the same, from my experience with previous ex-boyfriends, some of them were good looking and some cheated and did had a lot of drama with some girls who tried to tempt previous guys to cheat on me and they succeeded. Dating online: my experience. I had met up with some guys and been on more than one date with them. He was the first guy I met. As I saw him on Facebook and read the comments, I found out that he was already in a relationship. It was commented on his post by a woman I believe to be a sister that he was talking to a number of girls at the same time as being in a relationship. After meeting the second guy, we were not compatible since we wanted different things in a relationship. . After meeting the third guy, we set up another date, but he got ill and the date had to be canceled. The second date will be set up next week. The 3rd guy let me know very early that he was feeling ill. I prefer men that let me know straight away. i rejected the first man and put him in the friendzone. is there a man I should avoid getting into a long-term relationship with, but which one should I enter into my long-term relationship?


  • L_Volunteer
    L_Volunteer Community Volunteer Adviser, Scope Member Posts: 7,979 Disability Gamechanger
    You have done really well to share your own experiences here @Splatmate24. As you have highlighted, your experiences can affect you and how you perceive things moving forwards. Have you had the rescheduled date yet? If so, I am just wondering if you would like to share a little more with us about how this has gone for you  :)
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