Struggling with being honest

Do you ever feel like you can't be honest with your friends and family about how scared/impacted you are by your health conditions/disabilities? 

I still don't have a diagnosis for my issues but it's finally pointing towards a rare autoimmune condition. 

A particular antibody I have tested positive for is highly associated with interstitial lung disease and since finding this out I am terrified. It's the one thing I don't think I could cope with. Whilst nothing about getting sick has been easy I have been able to cope with it all but the thought of struggling to breathe (I have asthma and had a very bad covid infection so I know the feeling very well) fills me with dread, just thinking about it makes me feel like my veins are flowing with ice water. 

But my family and friends are worried too and I don't feel like I can be honest about how I feel for fear of upsetting them. Does anyone else get like this? 


  • woodbine
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    In a word    yes,   my OH is a worrier and I try where possible to shield her from some of my issues.
  • Hannah_Alumni
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    Hello @DayDreamBeliever

    I'm sorry to hear you health has taken a turn. Have you got someone you can talk to? Whether a friend / family member or a therapist?