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Advice on embarking on new career path

Anthyk Community member Posts: 1 Listener
edited August 2023 in Work and employment
Hello there, I need some advice on where to start essentially beginning my truly focused journey in life, as I'm feeling quite lost. 

I was formally diagnosed with ASD many years ago, I'm no longer young (just entering my 40s), but I am still pretty fit & healthy, and appear younger than I am. I've been working part-time for many years in a Financial Services role, which has been comfortable to a degree as it allows me to work from home most of the time, and I have a good eye for detail which is valued in my position. However, it isn't fulfilling at all to me, and that's a significant reason behind my resisting going full-time with it, because the lack of satisfaction with what I am spending my time doing can really leave me mentally exhausted and negatively impact the rest of my life. 

The urgent inner feeling of wanting to get my life properly on track is increasing now, and I could do with some guidance on where to start with re-entering education, with the aim of working in a creative field, possibly helping young autistic people. 

I am also looking to improve my second language (Italian), and would be interested to know of the best first steps to take. I essentially only have GCSEs (mainly As; I did not find my A-level work especially difficult, but I dropped out of college anyway due to other personal circumstances at the time), and I am finally beginning to truly realise that I need to seek the right qualifications to open things up more for me. I am strong in written and spoken English, dabble in creative fields such as music and graphic design, and can pick things up fairly quickly when I am engaged with the subject - where should I begin?

I am not feeling 'old' yet, but it's starting to get daunting to think that I may be stuck with an emotionally-unsatisfying life, although I'm sure many feel the same. Would a (reasonably) intelligent person on the spectrum with many years of continuous dedicated employment have great difficulty finding a job after completing the required courses in their 40s, fit and healthy? I don't have any significant anti-social issues, my difficulties are mainly some visual problems and light/sound sensitivity which I manage relatively well. I really need to get my life moving in the right direction, any good advice is much appreciated.




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