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POEM - Help is there.

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 731 Pioneering

Poem – Help is there..


If you wake up and you feel unwell

don’t go from good to sad

see what the day has to bring

because its only just begun.


O K you had a bad day

The weather was bad

Wind and Rain on display

But that has its up sides too

Just paint without leaving your room.


Its warm and snug wrapped up in here

I don’t care if the winds I can hear

I’m snug as a bug in here

Is it to early for a beer?


You know what, it’s not that bad

I have slept in and its half past twelve?

The day goes on, and now awake

I think I’m ready for that break.


I feel a lot better now

As half the days gone,

Won half the battle

The pain has gone.


It seems that its mostly in the mind

If you go to bed, try some wine.

NO, not the WHINE about poor me

But, a medicinal glass just for me.


Well that seem to work for me

If not try a cup of tea.

And while you drink your favorite brew

Get onto Scope, and join quick links.


 Tell Scope just how you feel

and what make your day appeal

Remember they are here to stay

YES, every day of the year.


Stop in and have a chat, it does not have to be exact

the friends you make here could change your life

when you believe, you’re in trouble and strife

and when you find what you need to change your life

Come back and help with what you found,

as others are just starting,

 like once you were.


28/08/2023.  OBV.


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