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I'm so overwhelmed and stressed (LONG rant)

Sausagedog Scope Member Posts: 11 Listener
edited September 2023 in Mental health and wellbeing
I just need to get all this off my chest  :s 

Context: I'm disabled on ESA and PIP.

I'm starting uni next week, and I'm stressing about the council tax and ESA bc they still haven't gotten back to me, and ESA said they will stop my income until they figure it out. :( I'm very pessimistic about the council & DWP and keep expecting the worse. :(

I'm also anxious that PIP will use uni as an excuse to stop, even though my health isn't better and it doesn't go against any points I get, especially as I'll be attending most classes at home. I'm hoping to go the drs soon to ask for a letter to exempt me from phone interviews and just have paper assessments, but even that feels too overwhelming to do right now.

My health has been a lot worse lately for no reason, I'm currently bed-bound and I'm anxious as I have my 1st dentist appointment in years on the 7th, I think I need fillings but I can't have anaesthetic due to my MCS.

Amongst all this I stupidly decided to start driving lessons which 1. I can barely afford and 2. transport flares my pain. I don't want to put it on hold though bc I need the freedom so bad it was becoming essential for the sake of my mental health.

There's a lot more but I've already let this go on for too long lol. Just needed to get it all out as I'm currently on the verge of a panic attack.


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