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Two spinal cord stimulators - is it worth it?

framewales Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Hello Everyone 

I’m wondering if there is anyone out there in a similar situation to me. 

I’m 32, have had 6 spinal operations over the past 15 years, and have recently been told I am to have a 7th. 

A bit of a back (ignore the pun) story, when I was 14 I fell down the stairs damaging my spine, 5 years later and many rugby/hockey/netball/running/horse riding/trampolining days later, I had a discectomy L4-S1. Then another 2 of them, and more injections than I can dare to remember later, I had fusion surgery aged 27 (same levels of spine). Since then I had a further discectomy before finally being fitted with the spinal cord stimulator in my lower back. (Side not, I don’t find it particularly effective, it has blocked out a bit of the neuropathy to a slightly more manageable level, but the burning sensation can still be dire, especially in the nights).

But I also have problems (3 further prolapsed discs) in my upper back and neck, and am currently taking 31 tablets a day, so have now been told I am to be fitted with a second spinal cord stimulator for my upper back and neck.

I am just wondering if anybody else out there has two spinal cord stimulators? And if so, have you actually benefited from it? Or are you like me with the first one and still in agony daily and dependent on prescription pills and family hugs to get you through each day? 

I am terrified of going through this again, particularly the part where they will wake me up during the surgery, and just really don’t know if it’s worth going through with this or not. 

The pain in my upper back is horrific, I feel like I need a chiropractor to move into my house for half hourly treatment! And with the medication I have put in a disgusting amount of weight, which is also impacting me physically and mentally. Every aspect of my life is affected, I can’t continue like this, but is a second stimulator really the best answer?

Any words of advice/support/wisdom would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks 


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