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Gift for Grandmother

66Mustang Community member Posts: 13,113 Disability Gamechanger
I am trying to think of a gift to buy for my Grandmother, to say thank you, as she paid the deposit for my Motability car, which was quite a lot.

I can't match the value of the amount that she gave me but I thought the thought is what matters. I have about £100 to spend, but I don't have to spend it all.

I want to get something with some meaning above everything else which I know I am sort of diminishing by asking others for advice but I am very stuck for ideas.

I am looking forward to hearing peoples' ideas, also, if anyone here has grandchildren of their own I would be interested to know what you would like to receive from them as a gift?


  • WelshBlue
    WelshBlue Community member Posts: 703 Pioneering
    How about an afternoon tea at a nice quality hotel ?

    Or Etsy have very nice gifts ... my go to when stuck
    THE_DUDE Community member Posts: 159 Pioneering
    Figurine always a good gift. 
  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Community member Posts: 15,889 Disability Gamechanger
    I like @WelshBlue 's suggestion. My son & his wife were going to do the same for me last Mother's Day, but couldn't get one booked in the hotel they knew did a very good afternoon tea, as they'd had one themselves previously, & altho they'd tried to book one well in advance. What they did instead was to buy a selection of sandwiches from M & S, & cream cakes from a local bakery (I very rarely eat cakes, but my son remembered that I find a custard slice rather hard to resist!). They brought everything around to my house, & I had a lovely afternoon with them both.
    As a Grandma, the most treasured present I've had from my 3 grandchildren is a photo of the 3 of them each holding up what they'd painted, which reads 'We   <3   you.' This is hung on my wall & obviously there could be no better meaning. This was from when they were younger, so probably not appropriate for you, but perhaps a nicely framed photo of you with your Grandmother, or other members of your family too with her.
    A variation on this theme; prior to my last birthday this year my best friend asked if I had a couple of photos which he knew would mean a lot to me. I emailed them to him, so I sort of had an inkling as to what he might do. He brought me these photos printed onto slate each with their own little stand; as he said I'll treasure them always.
    A voucher from a local garden centre? ....which you'll take her to (if possible) & some flower seeds. I always think seeds give us a promise of the following year. My son & his wife take me to garden centres; my daughter sends me seeds she thinks I'll like. Both are lovely, & I certainly appreciate them.
  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Scope Member Posts: 43,924 Disability Gamechanger
    Is there somewhere where your grandma would like to visit? that way she gets a ride in the car.
    A meal out somewhere. Is there anything she wants for the house. Does she have a favourite tipple. A book she would like. 
  • woodbine
    woodbine Community member Posts: 11,319 Disability Gamechanger
    I would be wary of buying gift vouchers as they are useless if the company goes bust, I like the idea of taking her out for a meal if you can?
    2024 The year of the general election...the time for change is coming 💡

  • 66Mustang
    66Mustang Community member Posts: 13,113 Disability Gamechanger
    edited September 2023
    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Sadly she doesn't enjoy eating out due to her problems so that's a no but a nice idea.

    I like the idea of taking her out in the car but sadly due to my difficulties I specifically need one of my parents with me when I go out - my car is small and only has front doors, and neither of my parents, and especially my Granny, are capable of clambering into the back! Usually I go in the back but the the idea of that suggestion would have been for me to drive my Granny.

    I really like the idea of making afternoon tea and taking it to her house as she does enjoy things like that, it's her mobility which lets her down and makes going out to a restaurant miserable for her, so bringing the food to her is a brilliant idea.

    Also the idea of a nicely presented photo is a really nice one, I maybe will do that as well as the tea.

    Some tipples are a nice idea as well, especially going into the winter months, as she finds them cold and depressing so a tipple to warm the body and soul is a good idea! She shouldn't really drink but it's one of her few pleasures that she can still do which I don't begrudge as she has lost lots of her other pleasures like travelling so I am not dismissing that idea.

    Thanks again everyone!


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