Is there a DWP email address to ask them about a basic PIP question?

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I'd like to send a medical document to the DWP PIP people, to support my already submitted AR1 form.  (It's for a PIP re-evaluation / reassessment.)  I'd like to know the postal address for this, and understand that it's a different address for different people probably depending on where you live.
I'd like to avoid a potentially 50 (approx!) minute wait on the phone, by emailing them about this instead.
Does anyone know their email address please?
Thanks a lot.


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    You send any supporting evidence by post, use the most recent PIP letter of yours and this address will be on the top right hand side. Make sure you add a covering letter explaining it’s further evidence and add your NI number to this.

    PIP won’t accept this by email.