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Wasting paramedics time

Rachel_White1965 Community member, Scope Member Posts: 2 Connected
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Hi my name is Rachel, I joined scope today. I've been in chronic pain for 40 years this year. Osteo arthritis, osteo porosis, degenerative spinal disease and raynaud syndrome. I've had 11 surgeries. I live in a small village in between my two best friends. I have tried to stay in work. But all employers demand access to your medical records. And of course, in the end you never get the job. I tend to go for office jobs and receptionist jobs, the last time they choose a polish lady who barely spoke English over me? So i decided to rent out both my bedrooms, I live myself in my garage. I grow plants to sell, I can can work from my wheel chair doing this. And I do a little bit of book keeping. This keeps me on top of my bills.
The only part of my life that is a struggle is getting an appointment with either the GP and NHS. This morning I had no other choice but to call 111. The GP receptionist told me to do that, (in a rather smug way). Oh and I was not allowed to call 111 till 18.30? By that time I put my foot down and called 111 immediately. Ambulance was here within the hour. By that time my vision was blurred and my speech slurred. They told me it was severe stress induced migraine. All it took was two paracetamol. So thanks for nothing receptionist. Oh I also contacted the GP urgent phone number on their online web page. Now my surgery [Removed by Moderator:  Personal information] . However the number was from [Removed by Moderator:  Personal information] in Manchester. So that wasted half hour of the paramedics. When they at last got through to the surgery, they were told the GP would call them back. They took two hours to do that. In total the poor paramedics wasted four hours, on something that was easily sorted by 2 paracetamol. All I could think was, the wasted time. Surely, this could have been avoided. All GP Surgeries MUST have a dedicated phone number, for paramedics and ambulances only. The amount of hours this will free up, instead of waiting for phone calls. The paramedics could have been attending other emergencies. 



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