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Poems for World Cerebral Palsy Day

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Poems for World Cerebral Palsy Day

World cerebral palsy day is the day that we celebrate the great achievements and accomplishments our people with cerebral palsy have made.

I commend all the work that people with cerebral palsy the wonderful work that are doing together. 

Our voices will be heard as one and remembering we are amazing individuals in our own way

Never let the light fade let burn bright, we all have star qualities in us all

 it’s important we stand tall in a metaphorical sense we will always go any length to keep inspiring each other will showing the world what we can achieve with our wonderful minds and strong willpower that will make us rise to epic heights and have our name in lights.

Wishing everyone a happy world cerebral palsy day.

Poem called our time 

The day when we celebrate the glorious things we can do 

We extremely proud and loud to say and share our gorgeous work we have done and will continue to do 

We take slow steps towards our goals and the endless possibilities that we can do and will continue to achieve with our strong belief that our minds are so powerful 

Let the world know how much tremendous courage and determination and confidence that we have running through our vains.

As we let the fires burn in our hearts to keep ourselves wanting to reach unbelievable heights. 

Let’s continue to keep our progress as we keep pushing ourselves to become the best individuals possible 

Nothing will ever stop us from reaching the top we are not going to stop, tears may run down our face but the taste of our own tears will metaphorically help rise up again as we reach the summit and put our flags in at the top..

Happy world cerebral palsy day to everyone 

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