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My working hours keep getting Brought up because of my conditions

Welliboots93 Community member Posts: 32 Courageous
Hello everyone!

Before I start, I just want to say I absolutley love my career! I work 37hours a week Mon-Fri

I was awarded pip last November even as a full-time worker, and at no point in the 12months I have been in this job have I ever mentioned I struggle working full-time and never even mentioned going part-time.

So here is my problem. I am struggling with a certain aspect of my job on a certain day. I'm currently in a half-cast from the hospital because of ongoing ankle issues which my employment are fully up to date with knowledge wise.

I have asked several times for some help on a Friday as I do quite a lengthy task in the morning which no other employee does and it impacts on my pain. I have asked that in the afternoon I am on light duties rather than some of the physically demanding jobs they've asked me to do. The response I keep getting is that my manager is concerned about me working full-time because of my pain and I should consider going part-time

Its really **** me off because at zero point have I ever mentioned I struggle in full-time work, I am just asking for a little bit of help. I absolutley love my Friday morning task and no one in my team is required to do the amount of work that I do on a Friday followed by another physical task in the afternoon.

Its got to the point where I don't have anyone to talk to at work because I'm worried that I am going to lose my job or have my permanent fulltime position taken away from me. (When I first took the role they were aware I was disabled)

I have taken incredible steps to ensure I get the mental and physical support I need to get better from my conditions, I don't moan about my job and I have achieved some fantastic successes in this role. So I am confused why whenever I politely mention I am struggling on a small aspect of my job that its an instant discussion about my working hours

My work colleagues have also been bringing up my working hours without me even bringing it up, I really don't struggle working full-time and if I did that's up to me to bring up. I have been questioned if this is the right job for me despite me consistently saying I love it! All because I'll mention there are small elements of my job that I need some help with, and I know It's easy for me to get help because my other colleagues don't do that part of the job but my colleagues and managers don't seem to see it that way because my colleagues don't enjoy the tasks that I do (if that makes sense) 

Sorry this message is long, i don't know who to talk to about it and what to do 

For context my manager is lovely but I feel I need to somehow protect myself from being dismissed or having something I have worked hard for taken away from me 


  • Albus_Scope
    Albus_Scope Posts: 2,883 Scope online community team
    Heya @Welliboots93, I'm so sorry you're having a hard time getting people to listen!  It's horrible when you love your job but worry about it at the same time.

    Have you tried writing a formal letter to your manager, stating you need reasonable adjustments to your work routine?  This is something they should be doing anyway if they know of your disability.  Sometimes getting things down in writing can be a huge help for everyone involved.

    There's some good advice here on the CAB website. 
    Albus (he/him)

    Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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  • katwater51
    katwater51 Scope Member Posts: 41 Connected
    Dear @Welliboots93 suggesting that you go part-time is not lawful and your manager needs to be told they are not permitted to do it. I have a colleague who had the same experience and she told her manager it was bullying and disability discrimination and the manager stopped. 
    With reasonable adjustments, your manager probably knows very little about the obligation to provide them. In my experience managers and HR are clueless. You can use the following document to assert your right to an adjustment. (Its pretty easy to follow - see link below.) Its is legally applicable and your manager should already be aware of it, but probably isn’t. Websites such as CAB and charities are great guidance but in my experience managers and HR will ignore them because they are not part of legally binding material that is stated in law as something to be taken into account.
    it is the ECHR Statutory Code of Practice:

    Your instincts are right; you do need to protect yourself. Not only that but my personal experience has been that being co-operative and trying to be helpful actually works against you. (For context I’ve had meetings where both my manager and HR rep questioned me in a really belligerent about increasing work hours despite them knowing that I’m often so ill I struggle to feed myself.) The ONLY way I have made any headway at all with my employer has been when I have been adversarial with them.  
  • Jimm_Scope
    Jimm_Scope Posts: 2,285 Scope online community team
    If you are wanting to do something about it I would also speak with ACAS before taking any firm steps. Inform yourself of your rights and what your employer should be doing so you know when something you are being told is incorrect or unreasonable.
    They/Them, however they are no wrong pronouns with me so whatever you feel most comfortable with
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