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Poem called self doubt

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Poem called self doubt 
My self doubt kicks in and it is about being self conscious and not letting myself doubt consume me. While letting my ego get the better of me as I ruin relationships with my love ones who only care about me and who want the best for me. When a love one offers you to help you out of your problem never decine the offer of help from your loved ones I thought I knew best and that has not gotten me anywhere in my life so far. My one piece of advice to myself is just listen and do what you’re loved one says because can help me out of this sticky situation I find my life going in a downward spiritual and raise my life to positive direction and bring the beautiful smile to my face and be that kind hearted person that my love ones knew and loved and had that caring nature let myself become that person that had them glorious qualities and let the person that I am now go because even I recognise that I have gone away from my good qualities and adopted some bad ones that I hate the person that I have turned into but only I can change the person that I want to return to the confidence unbreakable determination never give up attitude that my young self caring attitude personality that I had and always making people smile with my wicked personality and laughter which my love ones really liked about me 
Time to accept that I was wrong and apologise for my actions which hurt my love ones this was not my intention and I let my ego get the better part of me. I need to learn how to take criticism seriously not just let wash over me. And instead of feeling like my my love ones are having ago at me I need to take accountability and responsibility for my actions and use that criticism from my love ones as a way to make myself mentally and physically stronger and build my self confidence and own worth to build my own life and make my love ones proud of me as I fill them with confidence that I can and will be able to do things for myself once my love ones are not longer here instead I need make peace with them and instead of the hurt and pain I am causing them I need to learn and listen to their advice and instead of creating tension and upset between myself and my love ones, I need to make some unforgettable moments with them all because I would hate myself and regret it that I did make peace with them all soon the better which would stop my heart from feeling so disgusted with myself and instead want to break the toxic and my tension that feels my family home at the moment it’s all down to pig headed behaviour which means that I have lost the respect and trust and love of my love ones because I let my anger and anxiety feelings get the best of me now I regret my actions that I did were wrong and I cried myself to sleep last night and I lost sight of the most precious things that are my love ones who I want to create special memories with them at times of happiness instead of tears of sadness I want bring happiness to their eyes and smiles to their faces and create a memory bank of these fantastic moments and times because I will never get this time again with my love ones which I need to make wonderful memories instead of causing them hurt and pain 
 this puts great  fear is going my strength to show me self and my love ones while also creating my own income stream that I don’t have to rely upon anyone else or this government gives me me sleeplessness nights. I know this I need to develop my own path to success and happiness that earning own money will not be an easy feet but once my love ones are gone I need to find a way to survive and be fill my own belly with food and my own bills that will not be covered my benefits that I receive from our government as price of living and food is going through the roof along with the price of electricity and gas prices go up to. Which leads me to sadness and tears that have built my income and wealth to be able to afford and buy things I need and live my life the way I want to live it without having others dictating the way I need to live my life and build mental strength inner strength physical strength to which make my mind sharp to and that what I need to do my learning my skills and knowledge that I gain by learning from my love ones and gaining knowledge through reading books which will give me the power and opportunity rise from my knees and I need to start believing in myself I can and will achieve whatever that put my mind too.

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