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Work capability assessment, Im confused

rj7 Community member Posts: 4 Listener
Hi all, I've recently been referred for a work capability assessment. I suffer with extreme depression and anxiety and probably other undiagnosed conditions. I've been getting fit notes from my GP for the last 5 weeks and now I've been referred for a work capability assessment. I'm really scared about this because iv ejust been through the PIP process and it was just awful, the stress and anxiety it brought on were so intense.

The info I can find online is very vague, so I'm hoping someone can explain the process to me from here? I understand I need to keep submitting fit notes until I'm assessed, but what does what does actually mean? Until your assessment date, until the decision? It also mentions that if you're awarded LCWRA, the payments start after 3 months. When does this 3 months start and end?

If anyone would be willing to help with q step by step process of how it works, or a personal experience, i would be extremely grateful. Thnak you.


  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Community member Posts: 15,464 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @rj7 - you'll need to provide continuous fit notes until you get the decision on your WCA. If awarded LCWRA, & presuming you don't live with a partner that already claims this, then this LCWRA element is an extra amount of money paid on top of your standard allowance, i.e. £390.06 each month.
    If awarded this LCWRA element, then there's the 3 full month waiting period that you mention. This is counted from when you first declared your health condition/provided a fit note. However, as UC is paid in arrears, then altho this would be due from the next month (depending when your assessment periods are), it wouldn't be paid until the following month (on the date you normally receive your UC payment).
    Do come back if awarded LCWRA, & with a little further info there'll be a member who can check when you should be paid, as UC don't always get it right!
    First you have to get through the WCA....if not found fit for work, you might be placed into the LCW group (no extra amount is payable for this). You can see the descriptors here, & you need to get 15 points or more for this:
    LCWRA is simpler, you just need to satisfy one of the following descriptors:
    Hope some of this helps.
  • Hannah_Scope
    Hannah_Scope Posts: 5,879 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @rj7

    Welcome to the community! :) I see Chiarieds has given some great advice and links. I hope the community can be a place of support for you whilst you go through the assessment. Why not join us in the Coffee Lounge for social chats and games? Helps when the wait gets a little too much. 
    Hannah - She / Her

    Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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