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EHCP Help!

CarolineG79 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Hiya. New to this group and looking for some advice around applying for an EHCP for my 8 year old son who is in year 4. 

He was diagnosed with adhd, sensory progress and tics in February this year. I had to go private as after 18 months on the NHS, I was desperate. My son has been under sen since year 2 which has continued to date. 

He does have a number of interventions and strategies in place at his mainstream school to include break out and smaller groups, movement breaks, fiddle toys etc, however following on from our recent parents evening, it is clear that more support is needed. They have said he is working at a year 2/3 level with a spelling age of 5 years old. 

I have asked a number of times about the school requesting an EHCP and they keep saying, they feel he has enough support but I am far from convinced and now that the curriculum is getting harder to prepare them for sats and secondary school the gap is becoming bigger and bigger and I just feel he needs for 1:1 help

I have all his reports from the start of primary school all stating the same thing plus all his wave and support plans. I have a clinical diagnosis plus he is on the higher rate of DLA and lower mobility. 

How likely am I to be successful in obtaining the EHCP as I’ve read it’s so hard. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this



  • MissKitty1973
    MissKitty1973 Community member Posts: 18 Connected
    Hi there, you can apply yourself as the parent for an EHCP, there is a template on the IPSEA website, school does not need to be involved, I wrote a letter using the aforementioned template and attached any formal reports such as diagnosis reports, sensory ot reports, salt reports, ep reports etc etc as well as any clinic letters you may have.  My son is post 16 and I applied via this method just before he turned 16 - my son has been educated at home since he was 8 years old, it is not hard if you can evidence it well and these are the headings I used to compose my referral - Communication & Interaction, Cognition & Learning, Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Sensory & Physical, I emailed it all over with evidence to the Director of Childrens Services, you would need to find who it is for where you live. I think ISPEA has all this information on their website.  The lawful bar to an Education, Health, and Care needs assessment is very low
    MAY have SEND
    MAY be necessary for special educational provision to be made in accordance with an EHC plan
    If you believe your child meets the lawful bar then you can apply yourself


    What’s working
    What is not working
    What worked but has stopped
    What hasn’t been tried
    Your aspirations for your child
    Your child’s aspirations

    Give a rounded view.  Hope that helps :)
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