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A little choose your own adventure game

Bingbong_Hello Community member Posts: 8 Connected
edited December 2023 in Games lounge
Hey there!

Here's a little interactive game I thought up. It should be a blast.

Vote on how you think the adventure should continue. Voting is easy: just click "like" or "awesome" on this post and future posts to make your choice! After 24 hours, the highest voted choice decides what happens next!

Now, our story begins!

The year is 2121, and due to an unfortunate spending error, our government inadvertently started an intergalactic space program. Our starship, the Nomad VI, cruises through the velvet darkness. Its hull, a little dented, is still serviceable. Aboard this vessel, a diverse crew of scholars, warriors, and mystics pour over ancient star maps, seeking the legendary Aether Keys, artifacts said to unlock the secrets of creation itself, and the promise of nearly infinite coffee.

As our ship approaches the coordinates of two uncharted planets, a sudden burst of energy ripples through space. It resonates with the artifacts hidden deep within the ship's vault, hinting at the proximity of an ancient power. Dave, our navigation officer, alerts the deck.

"Alright, there are two of them, and we've only got enough fuel for one landing. Coincidental, I know."

Where will our vessel land?

LIKE: Flibib: An icy planet, known to harbor crab-like beings who trade only in toast.

AWESOME: Moon2. A smaller, rockier planet, seemingly uninhabited, but its surface hints at row after row of ancient, tunnel-like structures. Formerly known as "Moon."



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