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Good News For All About Advocates Hopefully

Bettahm Community member Posts: 1,443 Disability Gamechanger
Voiceability have promised me an advocate when the referral to IPBT comes thru. To get an advocate you have to be with a mental health service provider so like cmht or IPBT or otherwise with social care.
The advocate is free of charge, and works for and with you, NOT the cmht, ipbt, whatever. They help you with what you need help with and are non judgemental. 

So really hoping this works out and hope a few others here might find this helpful and check out getting their own advocate. 

My own need is for someone to make medical appointments for me and come with me to them, and I'm told that will be done.

Voiceability are aware of my agoraphobia, bad anxiety and depression, also aware that I'm autistic. 

So see how we go. I will update here as it goes along.


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