Rollator on ice and slippery surfaces

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I have been using a walking stick for some time and mostly it is a great help to me. However, as I live in Finland, I have to encounter icy and snowy sidewalks during part of the year, and feel that my walking stick is not sufficient, especially on ice. I'm considering to invest in a rollator for winter use (and maybe for longer walks in the summer too). Does anyone have experience from using a rollator on icy or very slippery surfaces? Is it helping, or does the rollator slip?


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    Hello @Sandra73

    I am so sorry no one was able to share their experience on the rollator slip. There are many different ones out there and after researching I can see which are the bestsellers, but they do not mention specific surface types they were tested on. 

    I would encourage you to visit a store and ask one of their advisors. They may be able to provide more information to which is better weather wise for where you are in Finland :) 
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    Hello @Sandra73 and welcome to the community, 

    I saw an ad for the Rollz Motion Performance rollator. It's made to work well in tough winter weather, like snow and ice. The design is like a 4x4 vehicle, and the wheels have grips to help you stay stable and safe on slippery surfaces. This might be worth looking into especially considering the harsh weather conditions in Finland. Stay warm and safe Sandra.

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    good advice here. Also, for days you use crutches or walking poles or sticks, take a look at the Tom Fetterman (USA) site and the special ferrules or ice tips available 
  • Sandra73
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    Thank you all for your replies!