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Occupational health delays at work

bdfalkirk Community member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi there. New here and really looking for some advice. I have been off work for 7 weeks and counting. I’m fit for work and have been for 6 weeks. I was taken off duty as I had some side effects when I started new medication. At first I was told by occ health I could return to work once the side effects went away. 5 days later I was much better and was ready to return but was then told I had to be assessed by occ health before being allowed to return. 

I was marked as on restricted duties  but not sick so was getting my full pay and allowances until this week when I was told I was being moved to sick pay even though my manager knows how much I have been chasing up seeing occupational health. The delays are purely down to backlogs and a changing off occ health contracts. Does anyone know where I stand here? I’m not sick and am available for work. I was maked down as in restricted duties but as there were none suitable(as all the work in my department is safety related) I’ve just been at home. I’m now very stressed that I’m being punished for being off when it’s the company that is at fault. 

My union has taken this up but it’s also pretty new to them too. My fear is that it will drag on for a long time and my sick pay will run out. Also being at home when I’m fit is really making my mental health worse . 



  • RiverSong
    RiverSong Community member Posts: 3 Connected
    They probably want occupational health to risk assess the medications effects on you. 
    I don't think you should have been moved to sick pay without the doctor signing you off.
    My advice is that you get a fit note from the GP regarding the meds which explains it's current effects on you. That's what occupational health would have had you do anyway. In theory that skips over the middle man and then the ball will move again.
    ACAS is recommended for advice on employment law regarding issues like this.
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