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Pip timeline

ucmoving101 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi all I have been following all of the threads about timelines for new pip claims and as I found them to be so helpful I thought I would share my experience in case it helps other users 

I initially applied for pip in April 2022 and endured a very stressful experience and was intimately denied.

I didn't have the capacity ro eveb think about appealing and basically decided to give up as I just couldn't cope with it all.
Over the course of thus year this had been mulling around in my brain as from everything had seen and read I was more than entitled to get some help from pip for my lifelong uncurable condition and felt a bit disheartened at how I'd been treated.
I eventually got up the courage to re apply in August and began a whole new claim.
Here is my timeline for anyone who finds it useful......

Friday August 18th 2023 - phoned and applied for pip
Friday 15th September 2023
Text received saying: 
Thanks for sending us your 'How your disability affects you' form. We may need you to attend a consultation with a health professional before we make our decision. We'll contact you again if we do. Please call us if any of the details you gave us have changed.
28th September
Recieved a call from woman wanting to book a phone assessment....I had just come out of hospital and became very upset at the thought of this. She was lovely and said she would recommend a "paper based" report to avoid giving me any more stress.
Monday 16th October text received saying :

A Health Professional is looking at your PIP claim. They will contact you with an appointment if they need to. You only need to contact us if your circumstances change.
21st November 
Recieved call from different lady saying needed to book in telephone assessment and I broke down became hysterical on phone the poor woman who had to deal with me kept trying to reassure me bit I was just sobbing and sobbing....She said I had sent them lots and lots of evidence but the dwp wanted a phone assessment.....This nearly broke me I'll be honest. She finished the call with me after being very patient and doing up most to calm down by saying she would report back to the dwp that I can't manage a phone assessment.

At this point I thought it was all over and I was going to get my claim turned down again this call set me back so badly and I became very unwell again

Friday 24th November 
Text received saying
"We've received the written report of your PIP assessment. We will write to you once we've made a decision on your PIP. As a guide you should hear from us within 8 weeks. You don't need to contact us unless any of the details you gave us have changed. Thank you".
Tuesday 5th December 
Text received saying 
"We have awarded you PIP. We have sent you a decision letter explaining the award. Please allow 2 weeks to receive this. You only need to contact us if your circumstances change".
I honestly have never been so relieved to see that text this morning I have no idea of when to expect any backpayments etc and at the moment just glad to feel like a weight has been lifted

I just wanted to post my time frame for anyone who may be struggling with anxiety about waiting or people who may feel like if they have paper based assessment they will be denied and I really hope it might help someone.
I found this forum to be so reassuring when I was going through all this and can't thank you all enough.
If any one has any information on what I can expect in terms of when payment to through etc that would be amazing.
Thank you so much 😊😊


  • Jimm_Scope
    Jimm_Scope Posts: 2,361 Scope online community team
    Hi @ucmoving101, thanks for also sharing your timeline. I do think there's possibly something we can do to more pro-actively ask people for their timelines.

    I agree with you, I think they can be helpful and may give people some idea on how long they can expect to wait. Even if it's a vague idea, it's better than no idea for many I imagine.
    They/Them, however they are no wrong pronouns with me so whatever you feel most comfortable with
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  • woodbine
    woodbine Community member Posts: 11,329 Disability Gamechanger
    @ucmoving101 keep any eye on your bank account now as money often goes in before you get the letter.
    2024 The year of the general election...the time for change is coming 💡


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