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Moral dilemma / what would you do

66Mustang Community member Posts: 13,138 Disability Gamechanger

Bit of fun dilemma question but also hoping for a solution.

My computer has developed a minor but very noticeable problem. It is a manufacturing defect, which the company has accepted, i.e. it is not my fault. It needs to go for repairs under warranty...

It’s my only computer and I will really struggle without it, especially with my mental health issues. I do everything on it and it keeps me sane! It is an integral part of my daily routine and life. No one in the family has one I can borrow and my other devices - tablet and phone - are not substitutes.

The company is currently offering a no-questions-asked return policy that runs from now until January. With this in mind, there is nothing to stop me from buying another one to use while mine is gone and then just sending it back for a refund when I get my one back.

So far, though, morality is preventing me from being so wasteful - both of natural resources & the company's money (though they can probably afford that!).

I can’t afford to permanently buy and keep a 2nd laptop.

At the moment I am just using my machine despite the defect but am trying to think of a solution.

What would you do, in my position, i.e., assume you couldn’t do without the computer?


  • Lottie1732
    Lottie1732 Community member Posts: 124 Pioneering
    Hi Mustang

    I would first make sure that they will provide a refund. Get it in writing. (it's probably more cost effective for them to repair).

    Then I'd go for the new machine.  I couldn't be without mine. A repair of my existing one could take weeks, especially as things will be starting to slow down for the Christmas break. 

    The cost to the company is for them and is caused by them so that's not on you. If they had a batch that weren't quality checked then they can take the opportunity to review their procedures so that's good for them and all their customers.   Someone will make good use of your old machine once it's mended and refurbished and sold at a reduced cost. 

    If you send your current machine back for repair or for a refund don't forget to factory reset it first. (though I believe your a "techie" so you'd probably do this anyway. 

    If you get a new one then you'll have that new gadget joy to look forward to. 
  • Biblioklept
    Biblioklept Community member Posts: 4,409 Disability Gamechanger
    edited December 2023
    I'd love to say buy another and send back when yours is repaired BUT there are two things that would make me pause to consider:

    1- I know I'd never get round to arranging the return, but this probably isn't an issue for you. And I'd probably still justify having two as the second is a spare should the first ever break again

    and 2 - I'd worry about the data and stuff I accidentally leave on the device if I did return it. Even if I restored to factory settings I'd worry about it. 

    But I know how much I can't cope without my laptop. It may be wasteful but I'd buy another. If I could return it I would but if not, I'd just keep both and have a spare :D 

    The way I see it is that it is my life. It is my socialisation, my news, my connections. I know it is a luxury for many people buy they are able to go out and do things I am not. So I've talked myself into it and I would order it! 
  • 66Mustang
    66Mustang Community member Posts: 13,138 Disability Gamechanger
    Actually you both raise a very good point, I didn't think about keeping a 2nd as a permanent backup.

    I guess if I'm so reliant on it I need to be prepared for breakages etc, especially as I am quite clumsy!!! I could drop it tomorrow and it would be unusable, so would have no choice but to send it off. I actually paid for insurance - if I break it, they fix it - what's the point in having that if I am not going to be able to utilise it?

    I have other things I'm dependant on - like my glasses - and would not even think about only having one set of those!
  • Jimm_Scope
    Jimm_Scope Posts: 2,361 Scope online community team
    When my headset had a fault I had two options.

    Return the faulty headset and wait for a new one to be shipped out to me when they received the old one, could take 2 weeks.

    Pay the amount for a new headset, which would be reimbursed when they received the old headset.

    I chose the latter so I wouldn't be without my headset. Is the second an option at all?

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  • 66Mustang
    66Mustang Community member Posts: 13,138 Disability Gamechanger
    Sadly not @Jimm_Scope but they do offer exactly that with phones and tablets - I assume they worked out it's too expensive to swap out laptops.
  • Biblioklept
    Biblioklept Community member Posts: 4,409 Disability Gamechanger
    Get the second laptop! <3
  • woodbine
    woodbine Community member Posts: 11,329 Disability Gamechanger
    I had a look at amazon they had a Windows 10 pro laptop for under £80 would something like that do as a temp?
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