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Poem - Donating minutes for Christmas.

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 731 Pioneering
This is a bit long but, hope you see why?

Donate minutes at Christmas. – poem.


They have asked me to donate minutes

A million is what they want

I see that some have started, and progress has just begun

But what about the reason that all want to contribute?

It that the government can help, even dressed in a nice posh suit

We really need someone, to see what each day will brings us

To see that this government, is really, really on the wrong bus.

How many MP’s donated there time, throughout the year just gone

To sound our plea in Parliament, for other MP’s to sing our song.

What did they change last year that was not clawed back now

and benefited the Disabled ones from where this all began?

Did I get help at my home or was I on a list?

Or after an assessment, finally put on an operation list.

I don’t seem to get closer to actually fixing me,

And I’m still in the same boat, waiting in the queue.

There must be a time for us, when, we are actually heard

And things are getting better, and they try to put us first.

I would rather that each minute donated, was put onto a card

Something like Morrison’s that we all can convert, and then be seen, on one big huge chart.

A pound a minute, sounds good to me, and pay it to the NHS

To get them back in work so they can really help us, and we can get them back into work, not with banners out the street.

The time it takes to donate a quid, is less than a minute

and tell the Health Minister, to match it pound for pound, so we can benefit as well.

He should have already done something, and not have to be told,

since what is being paid for, and should not need the nation to donate, to be told.

Get on with your job so others can do theirs, without wondering when will I be seen, this year?

The pain is relentless, I would like a day off too, but even at Christmas, I don’t get much relief, I suppose it’s the same for you

I’m not complaining, although it sounds like I am, I have my family around me, to remind me who I am.

I am a parent and a husband, I am a Uncle and granddad too, but most of all I belong to the human race, just, like, you.

If MP’s donated minutes and used them to Lobby on our behalf, I’m sure the PM would get the hint, and get up of his ****.

Imaging every MP giving 2 hours of their time,  How many MP’s do we have? OH yes there’s 706 including independents as of the end this year

 That’s 706 times 120, which give 84,720 minutes at that rate?  I’m sure that should be enough to raise a single debate?

After all its meant for us, to help at Christmas time, so lobby your MP to give a little more time,

We should not have to tell them, the NHS is in trouble, so let’s make this the best Christmas, and give a resounding cheer.

If they used those minutes to get around the table, I’m sure that 1412 Hours of debating, is that not still very clear?

Well try this, its 176.5 DAY at an 8 hour day, that over a HALF A YEAR with everyone working one way?

Is it hard for Britain to resolve these ongoing disputes, to not only help the NHS, but end all the dispute?

Why can’t you fix this problem?  How long has this been on, its not about the money, its looking after everyone here.


OBV  05/12/2023.   


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