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A to Z of Christmas songs - the one I could not get.

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 726 Pioneering
I racked my brain to try to think of a song with the start of "V" I couldn't so I decided to use the letter V song I suggested and write a poem Called Vision of Christmas.

  Vision of Christmas.


Visions of Christmas are different for some

but one thing that’s for sure, it brings happiness to everyone, at this time of year

The thought of eating at home, with family and with friends,

as the day comes closer and they will all descend.

Its once a year to catch up, and meet with all my old friends.

 Yes its buying the things, you think that they may want

perfume, a jumper, some slippers might this be the one?

but for some this Christmas will never be the same,

Loved ones that were here on earth,

 to enjoy all the laughter, cheer and party games,

have sadly departed, before the end of year.

They are out there in the next world,

looking down on all of us, as the vision of Christmas unfolds

As Jesus is born, in a stable, his future predicted for us all.

You have to learn to control the grief, and not only when a sleep

remembering times when we were all young,

to find new visions of Christmas, have only just begun   

In my head you are sat right there, right there in your favorite chair.

Carving the Turkey as you have done, for all of us to share

Having a bit to much to drink, and eating all your fill,

till you fall asleep, a lump, on my arm chair

to be woke up, with, it’s the queens speech starting, go get another beer

I have visions of the Queens speech, all sat around in chairs

All having different opinions, some shouting, some cheering, now its my turn for a beer

Our Queen has passed away, that was a sorry time,

we all went out to her our respect, and celebrate her passing, as though she was our mum.

But now its Charles as our King, to say what she would love to hear

He may talk about the country, that she served all her life

Tell us all we need to look, closer to our homes, as the loved ones have not really gone.

There in our hearts forever, where new visions can appear.

His vision of Christmas may have went like this

My Mother would have wanted, to have us all come round,

to celebrate Christmas as her extended family, not just at this time of year

She dedicated her life to service of this great country of ours

and even when on holiday, would say how nice, it is here

And couldn’t wait to get home, to a nice cup of tea.

My vision of Christmas is a strange one

I don’t want millions of pounds,

But to get some of my health back, to be back where I began

To enjoy the little things, that some may take for granted

Just give me a bottle of Bailey’s and don’t bury me in the sand.


OBV  07/12/2023.


  Sorry guys its Christmas? 



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