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New Access?

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 768 Pioneering
I have been writing comments and listing grievences for over 10 years and although I use different terminology some times, the results are the same.
  The Expert Witness Statements have just had a big success for us and soon will be changing the way government assess us, and what they can and can't do.
  I came across a saying after reading a recent case Part 2 of the Assessment process updated 3rd April 2023, and used in court on 29th November 2023.
  It was the comment "Ipsi Dixit" and supporting evidence?
  A land slide victory for us, as this along with other supporting evidence they must have to support their report, means its just not about quoting acts and Laws but what happens if protocols are not followed.
  Something I have been fighting for since 2005.
  I am presenting a case to the DWP and the Parliamentary commission, because 5 other cases have become dormant and no end of telephone calls and emails, recorded delivery letters and tribunal requests seem to budge them.
  The case was restarted about 4 weeks ago to allow a RAR and MR of recent conversations, as all have said Case closed?  I have reproduced all the files and letters received from the DWP and PIP's lets see what they have to say now?
  I didn't want another year of this but here we are where again silence is golden, maccording to them case closed?


  • onebigvoice
    onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 768 Pioneering
    Having sent a e mail and c/c it to all concerned in one go, silence has now been broken.  All have given an automated reply to the fact that they have received it and also started to send out the appropriate paper work.  Some are quite commical at this stage since all have admitted serious typo and gramatic errors, now come back with we will contact you within 3 working days.  That was over a month ago, and yesterdays reply:  Thank you for contacting us we will contact you within a MONTH of receipt of this e mail? 
      CAB, ICE and PHSO have started proceedings last month and have already asked for a relisting to a second Tier tribunal where ALL concernered in the case will be asked to attend.
       Most are already in contempt of court, and just cannot understand why the DWP and PIP's wish to persue there line of silence or no MR or FOI documents.
      This really will be good for us since the outcome will have to be published which also means that when changes are made, that the WHOLE SYSTEM is informed otherwise its back again.
      All this could have been resolved at a meeting with me, and the actual reading of the information I have already supplied.
      The "plucking of dates from fresh air will stop, and unsigned assessment reports under the new declortation process again put into place with the changes fron 23rd April 2023 will now be enforced.
      This now means that ALL assessment reports will have to be signed and countersigned by the manager to say they have reviewed the content and it is correct.
      No excuses that ther back office decision makers now require another MR as it can go straight to a Tribunal process under the Bond Solon Rules Part 35 sections 1.00 to 1.15  ALL sections must be complete or the assessment company will not be paid.  This from the DWP to save costs.  Anothe rthing they thought would help them but only enforces our case.
  • onebigvoice
    onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 768 Pioneering

      Image preview

      How true is this?
      Are we beating ourselves up because of the stigma involved with the "Label" of Disability?
    Pain and suffering are a warning of something.  Mental Illness is a warning that is not necessarily seen by others, yet we allow people to assess us that can and do get it wrong.  Human error?  Training?  Or government underfunding?  Which excuse would you use when the result is the same?  NO HELP WHEN NEEDED.  NOW?
      Why is the government not learning from its mistakes?  Why do we have to debate DO WE NEED A DISABILITY MINISTER?  with all that is happening now?  How many of us on here can name our Disability Minister?  I can't!  How many of us know who the Health Minister is in London, Scotland or Wales?  What their duties are and what can they do when resolving a problem, what is required to implement it?
      Who is the "Go to " person?  Who is the "Champion that is making us heard all around the country?  Your LOCAL MP?  The DWP?  An assessment company hired by the DWP or PIPs to assess you or the NHS and your GP?
      We all need to get back to grassroots here.  When you are ill you don't write to your MP or Parliament because you are already "labeled" as long-term sick, or have symptoms of Long term Corvid and need help? 
       To all of us, our first port of call is our GP or people who already treat us.
    They are all covered by the DUTY OF CARE ACT among others.  What is the Governmentr covered by?  When it makes a blatent mistake in Cardiff and the same mistakes are being made in Blackpool is any thing changed?  WHY NOT?  Who checks up that an error in a report written by an assessor is rectified either at source or throughout the company so that the system is self learning?
      It is only by people joining forums like this that we hear of things that say, " I'm glad that I'm not the only one"  But what does it fix?  We have to fight for every penny we receive yet the government even when giving you "help" whether financially or physical through treatment find some way of clawing back the cost.
      Pensioners rise 10.1% first in 15 years, needed, yet every pound over the applicable amount that THE GOVERNMENT SAY YOU CAN LIVE ON IS TAKEN AT 85% OF EVERY POUND? SO in real terms you get nothing since the cost of living has also gone up more than you have left.
      Free Prescriptions, not every where?  Free parking at hospitals yet why do you still receive a parking ticket if parking in a multi story Car park?  Limited hours of parking?  How many of us have gone to A & E and spent 15/20 hours before being seen?  How many of us have had a hospital appointment that is a straight in and out?  
      AGAIN you ask DO WE NEED SOMEONE that is a disability minister for the disabled.
      YOU TELL ME BECAUSE I SAY THE LAST ONE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO LEAVE UNTIL A REPLACEMENT WAS IN PLACE.  Ask some othe rminister to take the place of the one that resigned.  Why is the Disabled always last on the list of fixes and first on the list of, They can do without a minidter for now attitude....  JUST BEFORE THE CHRISTMAS SHUT DOWN?  
      To all MP's please debate a rise in our benefits inline with and using the same skills that you use ever year to award your selves a rise, and a rise in your allowances that you don't have to pay back, so that I can afford the parking tickets I am receiving for overstaying my time of 4 hours at a hospitalm appointment that took 14 months in the making and then give everyone else the same date at the same hospital so the place is flodded with people looking for a parking space.
      And I still don't get fixed and require 2 further appointments because its taken so long to get me their that the X Rays and MRI scans are out of date?
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