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Trauma ✍️🏼
Sometimes we judge ourselves for not 'healing fast enough' or 'overreacting' to certain things. There can be a shame attached to our trauma that can be influenced by a wide variety of things. These words by Dr. Glenn Patrick Doyle highlight this beautifully and inspire this drawing. Whether we label it as sensitivity or something else, I think it gives a really good example of how healing journeys can include self-stigma in a place where self-compassion could benefit us more 🤎

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  Are we like this when we are seen or is it that we all do this unnecessarily?
  Most people don't understand what its like to be disabled?  How many of us have said this?
  This week Mark Drakeford, Firsdt Minister for Wales stood down.  People were quick to comment, and I'm noty here to show tyheir comments, most unwarrented.
  I did state to one so who would you put in his place?  Even that would not get a straight answer.  Our new Champion in the government has now taken another position so we have no one again shouting out our cause.
  Mark Drakeford lost his wife this year and is understress of job and that he thought he was over the grieving process but now finds he is not.
  Is this what is needed again to get someone to understand our mental issues and stresses caused by the Welsh and British government when looking at un-seen illnesses we face?
  I would not wish this on any one but how many others have lost loved one to Corvid and the approach to what to do at that time.
  There was no one looking out for us then and there is still no one we can say is championing our cause to the government to get things changed when it comes to attitudes of disabilities and the Unseen illness of mental issues.
  There are people out there shouting for reform I was in Cardiff on Wednesday at head office of unite abd their were TWO meetings discussing exactly that.
  Again its a waiting game to see what the outcome is of both those meetings.